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ilovesonya 02-10-2010 01:51 PM

Dewormer for the preggo
What dewormer do youvuse for your preggo mare, or what dewormer have you heard is the safest and best for broodmares?

Pro 02-13-2010 07:59 PM

They say on the package if there safe or not.

Indyhorse 02-13-2010 08:16 PM

I was using Safeguard (fenbendazole) on my pregnant mare but was told by another user here on the forums that it's not a good choice on mature horses, to use ivermec instead and that it's safe for pregnant/lactating mares.

JB44 02-14-2010 01:10 PM

ivermectin is safe but don't use it before day 60 and don't use it the last 30 days. and do NOT use ivermectin gold or quest or anything with something added to the iver.

i have used strongid and Panacur too but only occasionally and only after day 60 and before last 30 days. read each package.

charlicata 02-14-2010 02:32 PM

I used Ivrmectin Gold before I knew Rosie was pregnant. What will that do? Now you have me SCARED!!!

JB44 02-18-2010 07:36 PM

hopefully it was early enough that the blood supply to the fetus wasn't established yet and baby didn't get any. she is still pregnant, so they do survive in spite of whatever we do. LOL .

charlicata 02-18-2010 08:08 PM

Thank you once again JB44!

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