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TaMMa89 02-10-2010 02:00 PM

Estimate personality of the previous user
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So here's a little research about it how people can judge personality of some other, even totally strange person pretty unerringly only on the basis of a photograph taken from that person: First Impressions Count When Making Personality Judgments, New Research Shows

I think now we could make our own, a bit modified game based on that research. So post 3 informal pictures of yourself so the next user can give 5 characteristics s/he thinks descibes you the most. Then it's his or her turn to post 3 pics of him or her. Lets see how many correct charasteristics we manage to find :wink:.

I start. Give 5 charasteristics which describes me the best on the basis of the following three pictures:

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Attachment 24904

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