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Wallaby 02-11-2010 12:37 AM

So proud of myself!
I cantered a horse I didn't know very well and definitely don't like today in my horsemanship class!!!
I've had a major phobia of that for a long time and today I just got this horse to canter, no questions asked, and was actually able to relax! The horse was even being a poo to the other horses (trying to snap at them while we were cantering) and I was able to correct him without getting all frozen up about him being "bad!"

It was really weird too, maybe this is because this horse was definitely WP trained so he was slow, but I was able to think while we cantered...and mentally it was basically like we were trotting. only faster. Usually I have a hard time steering the horse and keeping the horse's behavior in check all at the same time at the canter... It was interesting. Haha

Also, after I had to canter that horse, I got to ride my favorite horse: Emmy Lou! haha I find it super funny that I LOVE her and that we have the same name, basically. My first name is Emily and my middle name is Louise so most of my family calls me Emmy Lou.
I love Emmy, she's so much like Lacey, only younger and a QH. They have the same need to have their riders keep their energy as low as possible. It's funny to watch the other girls in my class ride Emmy because they don't understand the energy thing so Emmy'll be bobbing her head, speed walking, trying to trot, all sorts of stuff and then I get on and she's walking slowly on a loose rein with her head lowered. :lol:
And then the instructor dude was having me "work on" getting her to jog as slowly as possible which really wasn't hard because somehow this horse and I click in such a way that I almost have to do zero work to get her the way I want her. But anyway, as I'm jogging her (she's amazingly smooth by the way, like I think I could have her jog and carry a really full cup of water and have no issue not spilling) my teacher is watching us and he says "You and that horse just kind of melt into each other, don't you? Most people have to work hard for that jog!"
I really like how that teacher knows exactly how and when to give compliments so that everyone ends up feeling encouraged. I wasn't so sure about this class last term but this term is really worth it.

I like horses. :lol:

I had a wonderful class today. Heehee

RedTree 02-11-2010 07:30 AM

congrats on the canter :) and it sounds like you have a really good bond with Emmy Lou :)

iridehorses 02-11-2010 07:59 AM

Good job Wallaby! The more horses you get to ride, the more confident you will become.

ilovestitch 02-11-2010 08:48 AM

Sounds like you had a good day! Have fun! Like iridehorses said, the more horses you ride the more confidence you will gain. But is sounds like your on the right tracK!

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