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~*~anebel~*~ 02-11-2010 01:25 AM

Freestyle music
So. I'm getting a freestyle done!! Finally!
I don't have any idea what kind of music to do though. What do you guys thinks suits my horse??
YouTube - DressageLeggy's Channel
I know the freestyle lady will probably have some suggestions, but I want your opinions too!


Scoutrider 02-11-2010 08:46 AM

That's awesome! :D:D

Did you have any particular style in mind? Preference for classical vs. pop? I watched the videos (he's a honey of a mover, BTW, a true joy to watch!) and I may or may not have some ideas, depending on the stylistic direction you're thinking of heading, or if you wanted the music to fall into some kind of theme. I'm no pro freestyle guru, but I love matching music to horses and movements!!

~*~anebel~*~ 02-11-2010 09:01 AM

I'm trying to really go into this with an open mind as far as music because I can be very picky :P
So whatever you think!!

And thanks!

MIEventer 02-11-2010 09:51 AM

Scoutrider 02-11-2010 11:34 AM

I've got some good options for his canter that really seem to match his rhythm in canter:

*I know that lyrics can be frowned upon in the ring, but perhaps instrumental versions are available out there?*


Elton John's version of I Just Can't Wait To Be King:

For his trot?
William Tell Overture (ending, Lone Ranger part)

I know the songs don't match each other, but throwing a few out that do seem to match his rhythm in the videos. I was tinkering with music from The Lion King; Elton John's versions of I Just Can't Wait to be King for canter, Circle of Life for trot (EJ version has more rhythm than the movie version), and Can You Feel the Love Tonight for walk. Its a lot of lyrics, though, and I'm not sure where to go about finding instrumentals for them.

I'll keep my ears open!

dressagexlee 02-11-2010 01:21 PM

What do you generally listen to yourself? Or if you've ever watched a movie that had a soundtrack you liked, maybe try for that!
I make my own kur music just for fun, and I've made one out of the songs by Múm, one based off of Black Beauty's soundtrack, and one from Totoro's. If I ever make it to Grand Prix, I'd make one from Sigur Rós composures. <3
If you know of any instrumental bands, or if you can find/the composer of your kur is willing to make instrumental versions of any song for you, remember this: do something different! There's plenty of musical resources out there, many are much more beautiful, catchy, and fitting to the horse than what is commonly seen, and you're less likely to have the same music as somebody else! ~

Maybe try searching "Yanni" on YouTube, though. He's popular in Europe, but his music is fantastic.

Kayty 02-12-2010 05:42 PM

Miss that was just plain cruel and nasty putting those video's of Rowan up!! Now I've ruined my new laptop by drooling all over the keyboard, you KNOW how much I love your horse!!!!

As for freestyle music, put Cirque Du Soleil sound track into youtube. I've got the soundtrack on my other computer intending to use it as freestyle music, but ended up quitting the ride of that horse and now I want to find another horse to match the music because I love it so much :P
Alegria is my favourite as canter music, not 100% sure if it would match Rowan's canter, I haven't listened to it in a while so not totally sure of the rhythm, but it's worth a go. If you're interested I might be able to work out how to transfer it from my old computer over to this one and load it onto the net, otherwise if you're really keen I can possibly put it onto a CD for you and post it.
Just some food for thought ;)

Kayty 02-12-2010 05:43 PM

By the way, Canada is on my list of places I WILL travel to once i get through uni, so be warned, I'll be extremely tempted to ditch the boyfriend and come over to steal Rowan

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