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horse_luver4e 12-16-2007 07:14 PM

Bridle Colors???
What color bridle would be best for a bay horse?

BluMagic 12-16-2007 07:37 PM

I'd just have to say any color you like! lol

horse_luver4e 12-16-2007 09:34 PM

lol pink!

free_sprtd 12-16-2007 09:46 PM

oooh that sounds pretty! or purple? hehe

i personally love blue for almost anyone lol

sparky 12-16-2007 11:10 PM

Depends what it is for, and the colour of the bay hehe. You can get those PVC bridles in almost any colour :D

KIIM 12-17-2007 02:54 AM

depends on the shade of the bay
although i personally prefer black bridles on most horses.

jazzyrider 12-17-2007 03:12 AM

personal preference is the best colour :D

as with KIIM i think black bridles look smart on any horse. however, i have a brown bridle that blends perfectly with my bay stb and it looks really nice.

my pick would still be black though unless you want one of those funky colours as a training bridle. theyre cool :) if so then i would say blue or purple going by your girls colour :) maybe even yellow...or green would look good too...even red would contrast nicely...ah, i dunno. im picturing every colour looking good at the moment lol

PoptartShop 12-17-2007 01:37 PM

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Black is good, or a red.
I really like red on bays for some reason...LOL!

horse_luver4e 12-17-2007 03:57 PM

yeah whatever will stand out on the track!

Sara 12-18-2007 02:45 PM


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