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laurenlovesjohnny 02-12-2010 03:05 PM

First jumping lesson with johnny!
So yesterday Johnny and I had our first lesson with my new couch Chelsea. She's a great couch! She had been riding since she could walk and really understands how to move horses with pressure, she also couches most western disciplines and natural horsemanship. She thinks Johnny and I are going to go very far, The things I need to work on are keeping my heels down and lead changes. She also taught me a great way to work on my form, she calls it hug unders. It works your entire body's muscles. Goodbye gym! I'm so sore!!
It works wonders, even after about 20 minutes working on it my form has improved drastically. What you do is heels down, lift your leg and swivel your hips and move your leg so it is in line, then you squeeze your ankle in toward the horse's stomach like you are trying to keep a 50 dollar bill there, and ride through your knee's, You feel is a lot in your inner thighs. You also need to keep a strong core. First what she had me do was ride without my stirrups doing the Hug under for about 20 minutes, and once I seemed to have that mastered we put the stirrups down and my position was magically transformed. Of course it's not going to take one ride to get it to come completely natural, But we have the next week to work hard on it seeing as next week she is all booked up with lessons at the other stable she works at. My heels were actually completely stretched down while jumping! Speaking of which, she did a lot of jumping as well of course, First we started with 2 feet cavalette, and by the end of the lesson we were jumping 3 foot oxers!

Sadly! We brought my camera, but I forgot my memory card in my computer!! D:

Sghorselover 02-12-2010 08:31 PM

Sounds like a good coach!! good ones are hard to find!....keep them close

laurenlovesjohnny 02-13-2010 03:56 PM

She hasn't instructed much jumpers, me and Dianna are her first, but Dianna has been taking lessons from her for 4 months. But she defiantly knows what she is doing and has a very good eye for mistakes.

Sghorselover 02-14-2010 05:04 PM

That's really good! The best coaches are the ones that tell you what your doing wrong and how to fix it, not just telling you good job keep doing it. it sounds like you have made alot of progress in one lesson!!

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