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HorsesAreForever 02-16-2010 10:10 AM

Vets coming today.
So todays the day the vet comes for a visit to check my poor girly out. :?

Shes still favoring the leg a bit so I can have her look at that then we're going to talk about having the physical done and possible blood work.

So look out for an update for those who are interested. :D

justsambam08 02-16-2010 10:37 AM

Awesome! Can't wait to hear what happens.

tealamutt 02-16-2010 11:28 AM

HAF, good luck with her! Just an FYI, I just submitted a paper on the tumors she is possibly suspecting which was a case report on a mare who's endocrine blood profile was completely normal. Make sure she palpates and ultrasounds (if possible) both ovaries to look for abnormalities, as relying on the "gold standard tests" for that disease is starting to prove less reliable as we learn more about them. Definitely keep us posted, keeping fingers crossed that the prognosis on the leg is good too!!

HorsesAreForever 02-16-2010 04:42 PM

So im back from the barn

Turns out my horse has Lime disease for one. Which is why shes haveing a lot of behavioral changes in the winter because it is active right now. :( Shes being put on 6 week treatment for it.

About the lameness- this is what the paper says:
Chance is 1/5 grade off on the LF when circling to the left. When circling to the right, Chance appears to want to transition to the canter [this was my fault] Palpation of the LF is WNL [What does this mean?!] No back pain elicted on palation, just mild wither pain, and associated Nuchal ligament discomfort.

PD block ~ 98% improvement on circle left.
Lyme snap test - positive

O elected to treat Lyme diease first, and re evaluate after treatment..

She said if its the coffin bone.. like if its split or chipped chance would be put on 4 months rest or so.. then take xrays before shes put back into work to make 100% sure that its healed...

Vet bill was $611
One is because the lyme treatment was $410

Solon 02-16-2010 04:48 PM

WNL is within normal limits I think.

eventerdrew 02-16-2010 05:17 PM

I know it's hard to think about now, but really this isn't too bad! sounds like lyme is completely treatable and the lameness is not as bad as it could be...

poor chance :(

HorsesAreForever 02-16-2010 05:24 PM

Thanks eventerdrew.

Sadly theres no 100% positive that it will clear it up. It may control or lessen it.. but im praying it will clear it up! She said since shes young theres a good chance that she will be cured by the end of the treatment so .. these are gonna be some long 6 weeks.

Since I cant work her for over a month .. shes gonna be SOOO hyped up the day I put her back into work. Most of my work under saddle is gonna be undone as well.

BUT at least I CAN say that this wasnt a training issue! Which actually my training came through for me.. they wanted to twitch her for the block because they put the needle in the nerve which most horses cant stand but I asked them not to trust that she wont do anything.. and I was right.. she never moved :) I was very proud of my girl. They were pretty shocked.

eventerdrew 02-16-2010 05:29 PM

After my mare's stifle injury, my vet told me to put her on a small amount of Ace every time I rode (it was 2 times a week to start out with) for the first couple of weeks so that no one got hurt. She's quite the spirited little bugger and she likes to have fun :D But it wasn't ideal when we were rehabbing her from an injury. Ace did wonders. Used it for a week and didn't need it anymore.

HorsesAreForever 02-16-2010 07:57 PM

Ace? Ive heard of it, but I cant think about what it is or does.

eventerdrew 02-16-2010 08:07 PM

It's a sedative. Give's 'em a little downer before you get on. A lot of vets will recommend it for a hot horse after a long time off.

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