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Lucara 02-16-2010 03:12 PM

The Orlando Science Center
So, On Tuesdays and sometime Sundays, I volunteer at the Orlando Science Center. Here are some of the animals we have.

Baby alligator being held in the back till its bigger.

2 ball pythons.

Emperor Scorpion

Giant African Millipede

I feel stupid that i can't remember what this one is. Haha

Sweetest Bearded dragon ever ( i just woke her up)

Mali uromastyx

Ornate horned toad (pac man frog)

Rose hair tarantula

Blue tongue skink

Eastern Garter Snake (hes kinda ugly because hes in shed)

Lucara 02-16-2010 03:13 PM

Cuban Tree Frog (invasive species from Cuba that's currently wiping out all the Florida green tree frogs)

Florida Banded water snake

Eastern King Snake (this guy is super sweet and used for handling!)

Florida Pine Snake (looks grumpy but also very tame and used for handling)

Yellow Rat Snake

Main exhibit in the center with alligators and various florida sp. of turtle

We JUST opened the new FROGS exhibit. I didn't get any pictures except of this guy, I'll try and get some on my next trip out.

This guy is our little waxy monkey tree frog. Haha he doesn't move, he just kinda falls asleep wherever he lands.

On his way to the exhibit.

Sitting on his perch in the exhibit.

More to come!

irydehorses4lyfe 02-16-2010 03:29 PM
Red on black, friend of jack... That'd be more than likely a Milk Snake. I love snakes. ^_^

And can I just say you are truely lucky to be able to be around these awesome creatures. =) I would kill to be able to volunteer at a place like this. Reptiles are such fascinating animals.

Lucara 02-16-2010 03:38 PM

Yeah I was looking at milk snakes and the scarlet king snake. I think you are correct with the milk snake. Haha I'll just have to check the sign the next time I go. :p

TaMMa89 02-16-2010 03:39 PM

Interesting animals. That have to be a great place to volunteer at :-).

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