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kathryn 02-16-2010 07:36 PM

Interesting Day at the Barn hahaha
So last night, Brewer's owner emailed me and asked me if I could ride Brewer again since he hadn't been ridden in ever. I was all like ok! yay! Brewer is the horse in my avatar, the one I used to lease over the summer and stuff, and stopped leasing in September when I started riding Bailey.

So I went to get him from the field, and it took me a good fifteen minutes to get through the gate because everytime I opened it a crack, this other horse Killian would like charge it and try to get through.

Then it took me forever to tack him up, because whoever had ridden him last had wrapped his bridle when they were done, but that was a few weeks ago so like it was all warped that shape and I couldn't get the noseband unhooked.

I finally got on, and did like one lap at the walk, the whole time he was prancing and jerking and freaking out over everything and then he snapped his nose band on one hard jerk.

So I didn't wanna deal with him without a martingale, because he is a big dude, about 17.2, and he was being really crazy. So I tried to walk him over to the exit to dismount and he tried his darndest to buck me off, which he has never done. As soon as he landed, I just hopped off.

I didn't wanna get hurt doing someone a favor. So I was at the barn for almost two hours and spent literally I would say less than 8 minutes on the horse haha.

Crazy day haha

thunderhooves 02-16-2010 10:03 PM

wow. Maybe lunge him first before you ride next time, and have a trainer on first?

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