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SorrelHorse 02-17-2010 01:21 PM

Your oddest Horse Experience
I thought this would be a fun thread, to share your strange experiences and odd things that've happened to you while riding :)

My experiences:

1) We were at a casual reining/cutting show, and I was warming up a little filly for a friend of mine who went to get some lunch. Now, this filly had never been quite....right, per se. So I was careful to keep her in check. Well I loped her around for a bit and decided to try stopping and spinning a bit. I curved the arena and went for the rundown, and when I asked her to stop she thrust her nose to the ground. All I saw was dirt and I thought she'd tripped and was gonna roll over on me. Turns out, she slid about seven feet with her nose in the ground o.o

2) We had an old gelding named Hobby that we used for WP. We took him out on the trail (Mind you, he's a klutz) and he tripped over a flat surface, and fell on his knees. I nudged him forward and he started walking forward on his kness. I was like, WTF? So I got off and looked him over. Nothing was visibly wrong, but I took him to the vet anyway and still they found nothing wrong. Maybe it was just Hobby being Hobby ^^

3) I was out by myself on my little Arabian mare Angel, and we were walking very calmly. It was a sandy trail and it felt good on her feet. I had a camera set-up in a tree because I wanted to see her movement and have a video on referance in case we ever sold her (Which proved useful later, when we advertised her on DreamHorse) and as soon as we stepped in view of the camera she picked up her legs to her chest and strutted. Majorly odd. I'd never seen a horse do anything like that before. I swear it was almost like a tennesse walker. Really strange :)

So yeah, whoever said horses don't know when their being filmed....lied ^^

Lonestar22 02-17-2010 02:00 PM

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haha. I haven't had anything that strange happen to me. I did ALMOST step on a coyote when loping through some tall grass. I looked down and it was right under my feet. Same day same area I was loping and a group of birds that was nesting flew right up in front of me and my horse and he jumped over and through all of them. Intersting sight frm the inside.

SmoothTrails 02-17-2010 02:59 PM

Hmmmm...I would say my strangest experience was my old horse pony limping. He was the biggest faker on earth. The only difference between a real limp and a fake one was that when he was faking he would literally slap his nose to the ground. When he really was limping it was not very pronounced at all. He would make himself look like he was dying.

I thought he was really hurt the first time, and then of course he realized that made me get off. If you were riding and he started it all you had to do was say his name like you were getting onto a little kid and he would pretend that he wasn't doing I had never seen a horse fake a limp that bad, or stop so quick when I got onto him.

haviris 02-17-2010 04:04 PM

I had a pony that also fake limped. I realized what she was up to when the second to let go she took off full speed bucking and farting.

She was smart, but hard to concentrate on more then one thing at a time, she LOVE LOVE LOVED powdered donuts!!! Pull one out and she'd forget about limping and climb the fence to get to it!

I'm sure we didn't help matters much, when we thought it was so funny and would 'try' to get her to do it!

kevinshorses 02-17-2010 04:11 PM

When I was a kid I was with my dad moving some cows and we stopped for a minute to fix our saddles and give the horses a breather. I was eating a pb&j sandwich and just holding the bag that I had it in with the other hand. My horse reached over sniffed it once then yanked it out of my hand and swallowed it before I could react at all. I worried for a week that the bag would plug him up and kill him but I guess it came out alright.

Scoutrider 02-17-2010 04:25 PM

My first horse would fake itch his forelegs to sneak grass. He figured out that if we were just standing around I would let him scratch his face on his legs, but not graze, so he pretended to itch, and maybe did 2 or 3 scratches, and then would slowly ease down to grass level. :lol:

Probably the other really weird thing that's happened would be the time my sister's QH taught an orphan calf how to "smile" for a treat. Rio smiles on cue for carrots, and this little calf just kind of picked it up and started lifting his upper lip just like Rio, which looked really stupid because cows have no upper teeth in front! Eventually, we moved Andy (the calf) out into the herd, but he never really mingled totally with the other cows. I swear he thought he was one of the horses. If he saw a human or a horse coming, he would come running full tilt to the fence (not so cute at 500+ pounds of steer), grinning like an idiot. :lol: Once, he stood on our side of a common fence while our neighbor was fixing his side's hot wire smiling at him the whole time.

RiddlesDarkAngel5 02-17-2010 05:34 PM

i used to jump this horse in lessons who had the oddest canter. when he picked it up, he would crank his head to the inside to the point that he was looking at me. i kid you not! he did this the entire time we cantered, but only on the flat. the minute you cantered and pointed him at the jump he'd straighten his head. haha, it was slightly unnerving to be riding him and having him look at me the whole time. they never did figure out why he did it

Attitude05 02-17-2010 05:39 PM

one day i was riding my mare down the road, she got a firght so reared and spun 180* she got to the point and started to go back down, but just before she got to the ground she was back up and around the other way... veryyyyy odd

Honeysuga 02-17-2010 05:59 PM

M y Sheltie Moonie would kick out if you popped his rump with a crop. What made this funny was that he would kick out on the side you popped every time. it was really funny to tap him on each "cheek" while riding him, it felt soo weird and got so many laughs...

horsea 02-17-2010 07:39 PM

I have a sort of creepy one:

My barn is on part of what used to be a Native American tribe's land. Most of their property is a state park now (We are right next to it, AWESOME trails lol). But our big arena is said to be haunted by a ghost and a lot of people have had odd experiences there. Well, it was last year on a friday night about 6:30ish and Halloween was the next day. I was giving a dressage lesson to a woman and I was standing right next to her when it happened. We heard a bang in the far end then all of the lights and the radio went off. Then the side door (which is only for people, and it had a turning knob that you can only turn to open) slammed open so hard it bounced back into place. Then the lights and radio went straight back on (These lights usually take 5 minutes to warm up, too). We were totally freaked out!

Needless to say I don't ride by myself in there anymore lol!

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