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CloudsMystique 02-18-2010 10:26 PM

Have you ever used this treat dispenser?
I'm sorry - I had no idea what section to put this thread in. You guys can move it if you want.

This is the toy I'm talking about: Amazing Graze Horse Treat Dispenser - ShanesTack

I want to get something like that for my mare while I'm on vacation (for two months), so she doesn't get bored. She's going to be ridden by my trainer 5-6 days a week and turned out 14+ hours a day, but I just know she's going to get bored without my constant attention, excessive grooming and bathing, and trail riding.

Is there anything I should know about it? Will hay cubes fit in it? How long did it take them to get all the treats/feed/cubes out of it, and how much did you fill it? Will it be easy for her to eat her hay cubes off the ground without eating too many shavings?

sandy2u1 02-19-2010 12:35 AM

I haven't tried it but it looks interesting. I wish they would have been a little more descriptive of its function though. If it just allows them to get treats whenever they want, I have a feeling it will be cleaned out in five minutes flat. I am Majors treat dispenser and he has a way of emptying my pockets pretty quickly :lol:

Honeysuga 02-19-2010 04:25 AM

They have to roll it around and get the treats in just the right position to get them to fall out, so it should take some time(look at the ones made for dogs and cats and that should help you get a better idea of how they work). I wouldnt use one in a stall, but if it was placed in the pasture when she is turned out it might keep her occupied longer. For her stall you might want to think of a stall roller, lickit, jolly ball, or companion such as a small goat( ask around, I am sure someone will be happy to loan one, lol) or even an older mini horse to keep her constant company, then when you get home you can wean them back off of each other and send it home...

Honestly if she is going to be ridden, turned out, and worked with all the time, even if it is much less than she gets from you, she probably wont get too bored. She will probably miss you though:). Have fun on your vacation.

welshies rule 02-19-2010 05:47 PM

She probably will miss you but it will be like a vacation (ish) for her too!!

A friend used somthing similar and they are quite quickly emptied once ya horse gets the knack. I hang veg up for mine swede on a rope carrots hidden in haynet etc

clark 02-19-2010 06:50 PM

My horse Willy destroyed it in about 1 week. To be fair he is a haflinger who likes to step on things and pick things up and toss them about. Thankfully this doesn't include me:lol:. Its funny about how we worry about them but when we do return they look at us as if to say, you were gone.

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