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TaMMa89 02-19-2010 06:21 PM

Anyone here listening some CBS internet radio station? I've some problems with it.
I've listened that station (WYCD Detroit's Best Coutry), but now my CBS radio widget seems to be out of order. It just keeps connecting all the time and sometimes seems to be buffering perhaps for a second, but then goes back to "connecting" and obviously can't get connected.

Their help page tells they don't fully support Opera and that's the browser with which I normally goes on the web. The radio has still worked with my Opera earlier and besides that I tried my IE and the radio didn't work with it either.

People outside of US can become ruled out because of license things and yes I'm outside of US, but I caught it should give me a message which tells "This station is unavailable from your current location" if that happens. I've managed to listen the station without problems earlier and there's no message like that now either. It just keeps connecting, buffering, then again connecting so I don't think the problem is here.

The radio uses CBS player Beta, and I've tried to re-install my Adobe Flash Player which is needed with that widget. It didn't help. I don't know if there are some changes happened with our internet connection recently but at least I don't know if there are.

So can you hear that radio without problems or do you have any advices to me?

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