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HollyBubbles 02-20-2010 07:07 PM

Has you ever had this problem?
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Well i attempted my first sj round yesterday (20/2/10) at 70cm i know the judges so i told them i hadnt ever done a round before... bubbles and i headed to the first jump, and she refused, skidded into the jump and knocked down the whole entire thing... but that wasnt the problem..

Seeing as id never done a round before the judges let me redo the whole thing so we started again and we flew over the first jump and then the second and all of a sudden i couldnt breathe at all and i don't know why, i carried on though thinking i had just been holding my breath but by the time i got over the 3rd, 4a, 4b and around to the fifth i felt like i was going to be sick and faint, my mouth was all dry and i was loosing my vision and balance so i pulled out. it took me nearly another two or three minutes before i could breathe normally. i don't get it. no one knows why i couldnt breathe, im not asthmatic, but i was really nervous for the first jump, but fine after that. mum thinks i might have had an anxiety attack but i don't even know what that is... what do you think? I never winded myself on her or anything like that and i was fine afterwards we did games (whipped everyone at that haha) and some more jumping but not in a course.

Void 02-20-2010 07:46 PM

Sounds like an anxiety attack but I would see a doctor if I were you.

upnover 02-21-2010 02:42 PM

Definitely sounds like anxiety to me. (although seeing a Dr is always a good idea) It's pretty common for people to stop breathing when they're nervous and on course, and even if you didn't think you were that nervous, I would be willing to be you were. When I was growing up my trainer used to make me count outloud every step to keep me breathing. I've gotten over most of it now but when I'm doing a complicated course and I'm thinking really hard my breathing does tend to stop here and there.

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