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HalfPass 02-21-2010 11:12 AM

My Dressage coach gave me the nicest compliment! :)
Hi all.

As you all know, while my mare has been gone, I had put myself into "rider bootcamp"
My coach was unable to ride due to a health issue. She is better now but what this meant is that I was the primary rider for the two lesson horses.
One of them is a halflinger that was a western horse. He was taught some crazy things! Anyhow before my coaches health issue she had just started canter work with this horse.
So to make a long story short. This horse has/had issues with being wiggly, sometimes crooked, among other things.
She hasn't been on him for about a month. Yesterday she decided to get on him before my lesson. She rode for a bit and then came over and told me that I had done a nice job with him. She said he felt light and balanced.
I said "well all that is due to your direction" She said maybe some but because your the priamary rider you have much to do with this. I may give you the instruction etc, but your the one up there doing the work.
Nice job!

I felt this was a good compliment.
I ride this horse probly about 4 days a week. And the other horse the same.
We have worked on Straightness, Shoulder-in, shoulder-for, leg-yeilding and collection.
He has even gotten better at the canter and no longer tries to barrel into it.
He was also very unbalanced tracking right at the canter. He now is much more balanced!
Yay for progress. Now we have lots more work, but I do have the option of showing him this summer if I want.
I am also trying to put together a video. But I have technical operator issues.
Hope to post one in the next week.
Thanks for reading.

MIEventer 02-21-2010 04:29 PM

Good for you! Be proud of yourself and all your hard work!

MyBoyPuck 02-21-2010 04:59 PM

That is a very big compliment. Can't beat when the proof is as verifiable as that. Great job!

HalfPass 02-21-2010 06:15 PM

Thanks bunches.
I was totally exstatic (sp) when she told me! :)
I just got home from the ranch. I took two lessons (differnt horses). This last two weeks we have really been doing a bunch of canter work. This has taken me to a different level of Mean that I get a better work out. lol
Only a few more days til my girl comes home.
All the work is totally paying off. I plan to continue with the lesson on both lesson horses and on Candi.


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