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equiniphile 02-24-2010 05:16 PM

Rode English for First Time Monday:)
OKAY, after spending 2 hours cleaning up my mom's old English saddle, I rode English for a good 4 hours over the span of yesterday and today. I LOVE it! So much fun lol! I did walk, trot, and canter, as well as jumped a few foot-tall logs at a trot and canter.

I like it so much I'm having my English-riding friend come with me to the tack store to help me buy an English bridle. What kind should I get? Not a flash noseband, those are harsh right? And the ones with an X are for racing I just a typical headstall-and-cavesson deal? What kind of bit? I'll be doing just walk/trot/canter on trail rides and some ring work. Artie needs a firm bit, but not a harsh one....we'll be doing flatwork and maybe some small jumping. No big jumps, as Artie's 21. I have 2 D-rings and an O-ring from our old ex-racer. Will either work? Which one?

That same friend is going to give me a simple English lesson lol after we buy the bridle. Unfortunately it'll be after I get to ride the TB's, but I think I'll be okay with just going on horseforum critique until Sunday, when I get my "lesson" haha.

Can anyone find a picture or something of how to hold the reins? I'm kinda clueless....currently holding them, thumbs up, palms in, with the excess rein coming out the bottom of my fist and draping over his withers. Is this right?

So yesterday I took a few videos....Please critique! I think what I need to work on is not pointing my toes out to the sides, but pointing them forward. I catch myself doing this all the time Western too. It was hard to not bounce yesterday and today because the snow was that thick ice stuff that made Artie's fox trot bouncy. He lifts his front legs so high he looks like a high-stepping showhorse :grin:. BTW--Arthur doesn't trot, he's gaited, so he does a fox trot. So I can't really practice posting lol. He gets confused when I use English commands on his Western bit....I end up doing a combination of English and Western to get him to turn correctly. Ignore my sister's commentary haha. I especially like her (whispered) "He's taking a dump!" in the first video.

Here's the first. I'm really going over a foot-tall log, but it's kinda covered in snow so you can't see it that well. It's where the camera focuses a lot. He ticked it the first time (before I took the video) because he didn't pace himself but after that he learned to pace himself pretty well. He clears it with ease, even with me not knowing how to jump on his back xD. I like pausing it mid-stride over the log to see his form:) :

Here's just walk/fox trot/ and a little cantering:

xoSonnyLove1234 02-24-2010 06:11 PM

First of all two hands at all times! The second video had you riding with one hand at the walk. Remember thumbs up! I didnt finish both videos but just push your shoulders back a little. Even if its a small jump please give your hands:) You did great for your first time:)

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