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horseboundmom28 12-23-2007 08:18 AM

Foal born with lump on face
We had a Morgan foal born with a lump on his left upper jaw. He was so perfect other wise, but when you looked at him on that side it protruded a lot. I kept thinking this would go down. It did not bother him while nursing, but as he got older and started eating grain, food stayed there for a while until he got it unstuck. The vet said it was a malformation and that we might have to keep him cleaned out, but he always seemed to unball the food himself. He was always thrifty, and as he grew, it got less noticeable and finally we didn’t even think about it. He looked normal. We had him gelded at two and we looked at his wolf tooth on that side and it was at least ¾ inch long. The tooth on the other side was barely through. Our assumption is that that was the wolf tooth there when he was born. He is normal now, which I wondered at first with the bit if he was off, because he chewed constantly, but after using a rubber bit and more time with it, he does fine now with a snaffle. He has stopped flipping his head around. I think a lot was attitude, and now he is more mature, he is working well off the bit.

Vidaloco 12-23-2007 05:35 PM

Thats amazing! So glad it was just a premature eruption of a tooth. Thanks for sharing his story.

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