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ladybugsgirl 02-26-2010 02:46 AM

Tell Me What You Think...
Ok so I am on a hunt for a saddle. Don't have a ton to spend. This is one saddle that has been calling my name. I know nothing about it but it is in my price range if not less. Here is the link:

LONDON TAN CLASSIC CLOSE CONTACT ENGLISH SADDLE 18" - eBay (item 150408837607 end time Mar-27-10 12:35:09 PDT)

Im not a fan of brown saddles I prefer black but at this time I can't be too picky

hrsrdr 02-26-2010 07:22 PM

It looks like a pretty good saddle, but I wouldn't reccomend buying one off e-bay. You should try the saddle on your horse and see if you like it before buying it.

roro 02-26-2010 08:50 PM

I tend to be suspicious of buying things off ebay, so here's my view. I can't find any 'london' brand saddles online except for this one, and the price to me looks too low for that saddle+tack. It is also important to have a saddle fitter look at the saddle with your horse and you riding so you know it fits before you buy it. I would suggest attempting to contact the seller because it worries me that I cannot find even the brand of saddle it claims to be. The leather certainly isn't high quality, but it isn't awful. The area between the cantle and panel isn't done very well.

luvs2ride1979 02-28-2010 11:43 PM

No, it's not a good saddle. It's a cheap Asian import. Any leather saddle that sells NEW for under $500 on eBay should be avoided. If you're on a budget, go synthetic or used. Stick with quality name brands that have a good reputation.

kitten_Val 03-01-2010 08:05 AM

$149 new (whether it's leather or synthetic) is piece of junk: it's a very low quality stiff leather, bad tree, usually a bad fit for the horse and those saddles have a tendency to fall apart very fast. Go with the used one instead.

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