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Amba1027 02-26-2010 03:40 PM

How to braid for shows?
I was wondering how you are supposed to braid mane for shows. My barn will give points to people who can braid the horses manes for shows if you are good enough. So I was thinking maybe I could learn to do it and then see if they will let me braid for shows. But I have no idea how to do it. (I know how to braid in general but not how exactly their manes are supposed to be done for shows). Also if anyone has any tricks or tips that make it easier feel free to post that as well. Thanks!

PaintingMissy 02-27-2010 01:08 AM

Are you talking more running braids or buttons? And for tails I always braid the highest up I can. Also when I start I take three chunks, one from each side and one from the middle of the tail to hold it up. As you work your way down the tail I skip every other or two chances to put in new hair so that ways my braid has chunks missing out of it... If that makes since. To explain better I start with a hunk fron each side and the middle. Now I braid these together a couple of times, and then add in new hunks of hair. That way there is a gap between sections of hair being brought in. I personaly like how this looks but you will have to practice and see what works for you. I braid really tight using mousse to keep my braids in.

Amba1027 02-27-2010 01:17 AM

Buttons. Although I would like to know how to do a running braid because I like the way they look. I think I understand what you are saying about the tail. I don't think they require us to do tails but, again, I think it looks cool and would like to know how it's done. Thanks!

StormyBlues 02-27-2010 02:51 PM

You will make a lot of small braids (usually the lock of mane that you start braiding is about 3 inches wide), then roll them under once, and then usually twice. Then band it! Good luck!

PaintingMissy 02-27-2010 11:40 PM

For braiding you diffinatly need a demo. lol. For running braids (if you ever do them) always make them tight and when you begin the braid start going across right away. This will make sense when you see now it is done. by going across right away the braid won't fall out as easily and give the neck a cleaner look.


TroubledTB 03-01-2010 12:24 AM

I just came up with the brilliant idea to advertise Braiding Instruction about a week ago, but unfortunately I am in CA, so that won't help much. I braided professionally for seven years but following show after show can be exhausting, and though many people expressed interest in learning, I couldn't stop working long enough to give proper attention to the student. I'm back in school now, to apply for an Exotic Animal program, and I was hoping that offering to teach others how to braid would make good economic sense in these times. Braiding is one of those things that needs to be tailored to each horse, and without years of experience, proper technique can't be developed quickly, I also think it is silly to use books and even the braiding kits tack shops sell are ridiculous. When I showed up for the first day of apprenticeship with a Pro Braider and had my tack store braiding kit and she told me... "well maybe you can use the rug hook"...I felt like a loser (I have never seen any other braiders actually use any of those other accessories either). Anyway, having learned to braid I can't imagine anyone can successfully learning this concept from a book, to many variables. I taught two people how to braid from scratch and fine tuned a girl who had learned to braid from well a book and well needed some serious help. I wish I could come to the east coast and give you a lesson but I was thinking of charging a 100$ basic braiding session that would be about two hours ending with you being able to braid a mane with some practice. Do you think you would pay for that kind of a service if available? Ideally it would take two sessions to totally establish the basics of braiding. The first would focus only on the mane and leave you with the idea and techniques best suited to your horse, then after a couple weeks practice I could come back and troubleshoot any mane problems and teach tail braiding to complete the turnout. This would be a 200$ investment but a Mane and Tail can cost 75$ dollars at a show so I think it is a bargain that will pay for itself in three uses.... sooooo not to totally hyjack this thread but since you expressed a need do you think this would be something you might consider? I am curious to see if people want this service..... I can also do different variations of braiding, just not banding, so I am not limited to Hunter horses.

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