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Tasia 02-27-2010 11:26 PM

Rant about job...
Hey,just needed to vent about my job.
So I work at a large show barn with about 20 horses. I work Sat. and Sun. 9-11 mucking stalls,feeding and watering to pay off my horses board and get some extra $$$ for myself. I have been doing this for about 42hrs and thought I was doing a good job because there was no wet spots and I saved a lot of shavings. Anyways I have learned quite a bit and the people there seem to be really nice but today the BO came up to me and said the cleaning was unacceptable because I didn't put enough shavings in and I didn't rake the shavings aways from the door. So I fixed it but he said he needs to give me a cleaning lesson tomorrow. I kind of panicked at the time because I can't blow this job and I had no good reason. I just find that its strange that all of a sudden he tells me this but not earlier. I also find it unfair that he judges my work a couple hours after its done by then horses have peed,pooed and rolled making it look like it wasn't done. I thought today was one of my best cleanings but I guess not. I have been really stressed because its exam time at school and I just got over being sick not to mention my family troubles. I am trying my VERY best and I do it as fast as I can but I always mess up and it puts my job in the balance again! Tomorrow I might just say that I am trying my best I will get better. I haven't heard any complaints from the boarders so I thought I was doing fine. I also make sure that all the shavings are on the pile,the manure piles are straight,both barns are swept,horses are watered and fed and all the doors are closed. I also have no clue what I am getting payed all I know is that my board is payed off. Sorry for the ramble.

starlinestables 02-27-2010 11:38 PM

Please don't take things personally.. Trust me they really appreciate the work you do and THANK GOD your there to do it. I've been mucking stalls since middle school and I'm 24 now.. I've mucked stalls for all sorts of people and every single one had a different way they wanted things done. I did the same thing to the girl that helps me and I wanted them done a certain way.

Try to think of it as they are purchasing a service.. kind of like getting your carpets cleaned or your nails done. If you are going to pay for it, you want to make sure its done the way you prefer and that you get your money's worth.

However, you should really ask what you are being paid hourly and make sure everyone knows what is expected from them.

Try to think of it

Beau Baby 02-27-2010 11:47 PM

um...i don't mean to be rude but i don't feel much pity. I work at a barn with 20 stalls indoor. I work 7-5 on Sat. and 7-11 on Sun. It does take a little bit to get used to how much shavings you should put in. With the raking away from the door that's a must. if you have rubber stalls that have squares at my barn we rake to the second square. it will take you some time to get used to it. I've been working at my barn for 2 years and i'm used to it now, get it done pretty fast too. at the beginning i was slow. TAKE YOUR TIME. don't worry about being slow right now jsut be thorough. in time you will quicken and it'll come naturally to you. don't sweat it. tell your boss that you'll get better and take it a day at a time.

PaintsPwn 02-28-2010 12:08 AM

I was a working student in Florida, and I had to clean 32 stalls by myself - and sometimes all of the stalls (48 I think there were) by myself. We easily pushed 72-80 hour weeks. I had two weeks to 'get fast' and learn the names of 48 bay and chestnut horses who had little to no markings. It just got to where I physically and mentally could not handle it, and I left.

Eventually I got an internship in Wisconsin. It was an awesome job, with minimal picking. I didn't even have to pick stalls until the second intern got there, and we split the stalls in half, there were 22 stalls. I had to leave because my horse was supposedly going insane at home, but I'd go back in a heartbeat.

Everyone is different, and they'll expect different things. Funny thing about barns is that they want a millionaire job done on a dimes budget, most of the time. In my experience, bartering services is not a good way to go. I hope it works out for you, but I think you really need to express your concern to the BO.

Tasia 02-28-2010 01:05 AM

No offense taken. I was ranting about how the BO never made these comments before but then he does today and it threw me off kilter.

Beau Baby 02-28-2010 01:10 AM

oh yeah. if he's never told you how to do it before then its abut time he gave you a lesson in everything you need to do. I got that training session to when I first started, then the ****ty BM we had last year gave me a whole new one. Now the new {and awesome} BM lets me do it the old way, with a few minor changes and we get along great and things get done. After a while you'll get used to it. I do it without even thinking about it now. I don't have to carefulyl watch how many savings I use, etc.

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