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Brianna6432 03-01-2010 08:44 PM

I'm taking my horse to horse camp in July! What should I bring?
Title says it all ^^
I'm going to horse camp with my horse for a week, and I was wondering what should I bring??

p.s. I ride western :P

churumbeque 03-01-2010 08:54 PM

you should bring me :)

AQHA13 03-01-2010 08:55 PM

^^ and me!! :D

churumbeque 03-01-2010 08:56 PM

Ok I will be serious. That would depend on what they are providing like meals and lodging. Obviously clothes that you can layer in case the weather changes. Plenty of feed for your horse, you own buckets, slicker, I could go on forever but really need more details on what the camp provides.

Beau Baby 03-01-2010 11:11 PM

definitely depends on what they'll be providing. will they have food and access to water for him/her? as for other stuff you need to bring. think of it kinda like a show checklist. buckets, blankets, tack, grooming equipment, vitamins, etc. really you need to bring the things you use on a daily basis with your horse.

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