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KANSAS_TWISTER 03-03-2010 03:41 PM

haven't been on in a while!! but hi
hello every one, some of you will remember me and some of you wont, well just a short up date, yes i'm still alive...(those of you on fb know it) ....we don't have the net at the farm any more ( i think i like it that way) ....have really missed the horse forum a lot!

smrobs 03-03-2010 03:52 PM

Hey-Hey!! Welcome back. Good to see you again. :D

farmpony84 03-03-2010 04:15 PM

glad to see you are among the living!

3neighs 03-03-2010 04:24 PM

Great to see you again! Hope you'll stick around. :D

KANSAS_TWISTER 03-03-2010 10:59 PM

thanks guys!!, i guess i'll be spending a few nights a week out in front of the lib with my lap top and a warm ...... hanging out on HF again

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