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horseluver50 03-04-2010 12:43 AM

Stubborn.. or something else?
We were originally advised by the vet during a pre-purchase exam, to keep the 2 front shoes on lena due to an old injury that could be affected if they were removed. But, when the farrier looked at it, he thought it was best to take the shoes off. Ever since then, she seems to trip more, and she is stubborn.

The other day, after she got worked out (shes not used to it, and was really tired).. i untacked her, and attempted to lead her down the road to go for a little walk. But, she stopped in a spot on the pavement, and wouldnt move at all. I pulled on her for like 3mins, and she refused. Then, she lifted her left back leg a little in the air and rested it. It looked like it was hurting or something... Then, I turned her around and started walking, she kept tripping.. out of no where, there was no bumps or rocks on the road. I tied her up and looked at her feet, but I dont really know what to look for, and they seemed fine.

I was told that when the horses ankle is hot/warm, that indicates something is wrong? They all were warm, so I think it might have been from all the stress from the lesson.

After that, when I tried to lead her away from the crossties, she wouldnt budge... at all. I pulled on her for over 5 mins and she wouldnt move.

I think it might be her stubbornness, but i am not sure if something else is wrong.

Now, she doesnt do that anymore, but she does take effort to get moving sometimes.

But the weird thing is.. that when I am riding her.. walk/trot/canter, she doesnt trip or anything (i ride in an arena with sawdust in it).
When I lead her out of the arena, on cement/rocks, she trips and looks awkward when walking.

The next time the farrier is out, I am going to ask him to put shoes on, as I think she might be sensitive on the pavement/rocky surfaces.

What do you think? Also, if you think stubborness is part of the issue, how do I get her to stop being so stubborn when I handle her on the ground?

Wallaby 03-04-2010 01:48 AM

How long ago were her shoes removed? It could be that her feet are still adjusting to being barefoot since they've probably been shod for quite a while, right? =)

lolayla 03-04-2010 02:15 PM

the whole not moving thing sounds more like a condition called "tying up". i dont really know a whole lot about it but i think it is when after exercise the horses muscles tense up (plus other things). here is a link

tying-up, muscle tension treatments for horses and spasm relief with Recovery eq - Technical information for veterinarians

when i worked with race horses i had a couple of horses tie up. we had to have the vet administer drugs to help with the tying up. i would get your vet out if possible.

horseluver50 03-05-2010 01:21 AM

Wallaby -- her shoes were removed about 1.5months ago. That might be the reason, as she has never had her shoes removed in over 8yrs. :/

lolayla -- Thanks, I don't think thats the case though, as now she listens better, but she does have her moments when she is stubborn and wont move. I dont work her too hard, she just isnt used to cantering as she usually gets winter off. :)

Jillyann 03-13-2010 10:48 PM

Hmm, how much warmer were her legs then normal? Have you tried to call the vet at all? Farrier? When is she due to get her feet done next?

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