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rocky pony 03-07-2010 08:08 PM

I Just Don't Know What to Do Anymore
I've been boarding at the same facility for..maybe three years now? And for the most part I've been pretty happy here. My last horse lived out in a pasture and did pretty well. But now I have a horse that needs to be stalled, and that's where the problems come up.
My horse just doesn't do well in a pasture situation with other horses at feeding time, (when I got him he had been out with just a few others and was skin and bones and I had to put a lot of work out to get him back in good health) and at this stable there is somewhat limited space made available so he can't have any special treatment to get him living in a pasture anyway, so he stays in a stall.
The turnout situation is a nightmare to me. Horses that are stalled do not get automatic turnout, and the BOs idea of payed for turnout is putting them out in the arena or roundpen for about 20 minutes three days out of the week (unless someone wants to ride or work their horse or do anything else for that matter..) and obviously that's something I can do myself since I have the time, so I turn him out every day for varied amounts of time (but a lot of the time even though I try to find times of the day when no one is out, someone shows up and I have to grab him right after he finishes rolling which he does right away). This is a Thoroughbred we're talking about, by the I'm sure you know what that means =/ he's an awesome guy but he absolutely needs his free-time to act like a horse. He has a lot of energy. I've been stressing about this ever since I brought him here. I know that obviously any horse should have that time but the fact that he's a higher energy horse makes it all that much worse to me.
He gets hay three times a day and grain once, he has his stall toys and a good friend next door, so I hope that all of that keeps him busy most of the time and that his short turnouts and lunging time are enough and he does seem to be in a good mindframe after all of that, but obviously I'm still very worried for his health. I know this is a horrible situation but I don't know what to do. I can honestly say this is currently the best facility in my whole area. I would be willing to drive a little ways to get there if I found a good place, but there isn't anything there either that I can afford. Anything better than this is some super fancy show barn that's way overpriced..and no normal person can afford that these days. I can afford to take good care of my guy, but those prices are WAY too much.
Tension has really just been mounting in me as there have been more and more issues coming up that really make me want to get myself and my horses out of here, but there's nowhere else to go. I just don't understand it. This place is run really nicely. It has a beautiful and well-manicured arena, everything is kept in great shape, they even have tons of room out back that could be utilized for pastures that is instead just sitting there. I know that the owner is knowledgeable, so I don't understand this at all. To me horses' need to run and graze is common sense. Turnout for stalled horses should take a high priority.

But anyway, I'm just hoping no one from my stable is on here. I'm pretty sure they're not. I'm not somebody to complain and I've done anything I could to help this stable and our barn owner since I've been here, but I just really love my horse and want him to be safe and healthy. I'm increasingly concerned that he isn't.
I don't know if anyone can offer any sort of solution or anything, I just really need to rant about it because I'm pretty upset. Sorry for going on so long :oops:

justsambam08 03-07-2010 08:51 PM

I would say move. There's no shame in changing what obviously isn't working for your horse. Right now I'm in talks with my BO about getting my TB more turnout with the trainers horses (we're working on his socializing skills) but if its something that just doesn't work out, then I have somewhere else in mind that offers pasture board.

If these people are your friends and they know you, then they shouldn't harbor any hard feelings for simply doing what works.

rocky pony 03-07-2010 09:31 PM

I would absolutely love to move as these days I don't really get along with them so well anyway, but like I was saying there's nowhere to move to :( for some reason my entire area is completely devoid of decent facilities that aren't really fancy expensive show barns that I just can't afford. It's half places like this or much worse, and half way fancy places, but nothing seems to be inbetween. I'm a bit stuck..

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