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Indyhorse 03-08-2010 11:47 AM

I HATE wire fence repair
Just a brief "YAY!!" haha. I had my fill of fence repair this winter. Claymore, my big moose of a horse (in my avatar) is in the habit of snapping wires on my fence. I HATE tensile wire fences, but it is what was on the property when I bought it and replacing it with rail fences isn't in the budget for a few more years. However, putting up a couple strands of hot wire WAS, and now I'm hoping my days of fighting with snapped fence wires are now at least SOMEWHAT minimized!

Plains Drifter 03-08-2010 04:36 PM

Aww..Claymore! Naughty boy!! (the offer to send him my way is still open, lol!)

How'd the hotwire go? I'm hoping to use some hotwire this summer to put up a "portal fence area" so the horses can graze around our house. I hate seeing all that green grass wasted by just cutting it with a lawn mower. This way I can constantly move it so each area isn't over grazed.

Indyhorse 03-08-2010 08:58 PM

So far, so good! Not sure if anyone has been hit with it yet, the fact that they can see grass through the melted snow patches is enough of a novelty right now they aren't trying to lean through the fence. But when they do.....bzzzzzzzzt! Misty and Freyja have never been bad about it, but Claymore was terrible, I have one side of my pasture along the highway and he'd get his darn giraffe neck stretched through there and practically be leaning in the road. Scared me to death. Finn's picked it up from watching Claymore, though not at bad. I keep waiting to see them come tearing around this side of the house after getting buzzed, but it hasn't happened yet.

That's a really good idea with the portable fence! I know I soent many a lazy day last summer laying down in the shade with a leadrope in my hand letting the guys mow my lawn!

Next fencing project - within a week or two I should finally have my arena! yay!

charlicata 03-08-2010 09:51 PM

LOL I just put up electric fencing for my dog. Leo has the bad habit of jumping the privacy fence. I have to run a couple more strands though. He scaled it Sat before last, and I ended up having to wait until Monday to spring him from "doggy jail".

But hey...The Grass Is ALWAYS Greener on the Other Side!!!

rum4 03-15-2010 10:31 PM

IndyHorse what brand of electric did you put up? I use electobraid and have not had any issues in 3 years

Indyhorse 03-17-2010 03:10 PM

rum4 it's just regular 12 gauge wire - my entire fence is made of 5 strands of 12 gauge wire, unfortunately. I just had 2 of the strands (3rd and 5th) re-ran and electrified with a solar charger.

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