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kristy 01-27-2007 01:04 AM

The Young and the Restless - Kristy's Version 2.0
WHAT A DAY. No kidding. So draining.

10:00 am: Extremely cold but on my way to Small Miracles. Small Miracles is a non-profit organization that helps those with disabilities through therapeutic horse back riding. I volunteer and have been asked to train/school the horses used in the program. I went out today to school a new guy named Ripple. Ripple was recently accepted to the program on the terms that a very reliable and good rider would train him to be an appropriate horse for the program (hoping someone will lease/train him for about a year and then 'return' him to Small Miracles.)

And boy does this guy need work. :shock:

He's a very sweet but slightly insecure boy. He's one of the quickest learners I've dealt with making his extensive need for training worth while. He is 5, hasn't really been ridden in 3 years and doesn't understand the fact a horse is suppose to STAY on the rail while in an arena. :roll: But, I have really fallen for the guy and think he has good work ethic and an honest heart. He is also in great health and 100% sound. Slightly under developed, doesn't know how to use his body and makes the rider REALLY work, but his personality wins me over. I want to eventually jump him to encourage him to realize he has 4 legs and know how to use his body. :lol:
He's a little chestnut gelding, about 15.2-15.3, very leggy with a very sweet face. Big apple QH butt, small undeveloped neck, somewhat of an ewe neck and a small stripe on his face. I'm pretty sure he is 100% QH. No known show history, but supposedly schooled in dressage. (I can't tell..)


I have been offered the ability to lease him for free. I was very flattered! :D We must find a barn that is willing to board for free or VERY reduced discount price. I could then school him and donate the time schooling him as charity time. We will have to see if we are lucky enough to find a cheap good place for him to stay.

About 2:00pm, get home and struggled to take off boots for several minutes. I think I have to buy new boots! :cry: :cry: I believe I have finally out grown my precious field boots (calf wise). They are getting so tight. I have ridden in field boots for YEARS and feel very comfortable riding in them. I got my first pair of field boots when I was about 10 and thought since I looked nice it meant I was automatically a good rider. :lol: But now I think they have so many good things about them (in my book), & not just about looks!! :lol: I hope I can save enough money in time to buy dreaded new stiff boots before I get too big and bust the stitches in these. :shock:

2:30pm: Nap time. =) Yay nap time.

5:00ish pm: Mexican!! YUM. Ate Mexican with the boo. Then went to Walmart & Kmart.

On the way home I got a phone call from my mom. We had another huge drag out fight. We have a very poor relationship and haven't for a very long time. I haven't felt like I have had a mother since my sister left. It's been so difficult. The situation put my heart in my stomach but I am trying to be positive. I think I need to get away from all the negativity and negative people of my past. It will be so so hard, but I think it's best. I always end up throwing myself into horses trying to forget about everything else.


Tomorrow I see Cruiser. I'm considering switching to a pelham with him. I am very use to two reins and the bit gives a a mock double bridle effect without using a double bridle (not as precise though). He is running through and rushing, I think a curb would help on occasion. He developed this problem since he has been a lesson horse. Young and new riders let him get away with things and I have to go back and re-school him. But financially, I need him to be a lesson horse right now. It's easy and healthy for him and benefits me financially. A pelham is illegal in a dressage ring, (not because of severity but the way the bit works) but I don't show him now. I have really debated on changing bits and think it may really help. I'm going to try a different snaffle tomorrow and see how that goes. I also can't decide between a broken (jointed) pelham or weymouth sort of thing.

Anyway, our lessons have consisted of trevers, shoulder in, haunches out, half pass, full pass, many transitions, flexions and some lengthening. I used draw reins on him last lesson to help build his neck and back. (His riding lessons with students don't engage his back and neck a lot.) He's getting back on track and doing well. He is surprisingly MUCH more willing to canter now! He's in a moving very forward stage. It's not too bad though. :D

kristy 01-28-2007 06:35 AM

Hi (6:14am -- EARLY!:shock:),

Day two of this... journal thing.

Pretty laid back day. Went to the barn to see Cruiser. By the time I got over there it was was already dark. He was put up for the night and wearing his kinda new blanky. It was pretty warm out today, some of the guys got to stay out in the pasture. Cruiser starred longingly from his stall door. :shock: :(

Cleaned the apartment quite a bit, a continuation from yesterday. I did my usual catalog ordering online. I think I order about 10 free catalogs, I got carried away. :oops:

I'm going to ride today. I should have ridden when it was WARM, today it's going to turn cold. Boo. :cry: The farrier came out recently and brought good news! Cruiser has thrush! :D I am excited for the fact this is curable. He has on and off again lameness and developed soreness in his front right. It, of course, had me extremely worried. He had White Line Disease in the pasted and I believe has had a reoccurrence of thrush from it. It's been very wet here, very hard to keep the feet dry. The thrush wasn't bad at all, very mild and able to fix. So, YAY! Since I've treated it and I think it's going very well.

I'm going to a vaulting clinic in march. It's very small, about 12 people only. I am pretty excited, I've never vaulted before! I'm so clumsy though...

I've changed my mind about what I want to do lately. I have decided I'm dropping to part time in school, VERY seriously considering interning as an instructor (was offered an internship to go through) and finding a job that involves horses in some way. I want my life to be school and horses. Period. With riding, an internship, volunteering, school and hopefully a horsie job, I think I'll be set. I'm going to local vets tomorrow. :D Wish me luck!

On a funny note, I think I saw my ex pulled over by a cop last night. :lol: :lol: :lol: Made my night.

Todays lesson will include:
  • Transitions! It will increase his impulsion.
    Canter & counter canter! Finding our balance and sharpening our transitions to canter.
    Full-pass! Another good balancing and suppling tool.
    Flexion! (Self explaining)
    Lengthening! Lengthening stride and activating his hind end.
    Half-pass! Work on bending towards direction we are moving to.
    Shoulder In! Work on less flexion, more even swing of shoulders.
    Brief haunches out! Work on just doing it. :oops:
    And steady tempo! Work on a steady tempo even down hill.

Bye, (6:35am)

kristy 02-02-2007 07:45 AM

Hi, [6:49am]

The dog is snoring and everyone is still asleep.

It snowed yesterday! YAY. I rode, it was very pretty. Cruiser did okay, he plowed through all of our transition. He has no problem with transitioning up, though. :roll: I'm going to go hunt for a new bit to try. Sad news, I won't be able to use my current bridle:
The flash band is attached, which is one of the reasons I originally bought it. But,
This is the bit I'll be getting, I believe. Very gentle in good hands but allows more control. The curb doesn't allow for a flash though. =(

So, new nose band or bridle? I like rolled bridles, but Cruiser is pretty bulky, no delicate.
This matches my current bridle but is expensive!

Friesian Mirror 02-02-2007 11:49 AM

Aww, your bridal is so pretty, I would try a new nose band. How much is the nose band in the picture?

kristy 02-04-2007 12:35 AM

A padded crank nose band (in picture and what I prefer) is 88+shipping. A regular nose band is 66+shipping. The bridle is $217-$307.. :( :( It's expensive, but I love the maker. Bobby's Tack hand makes the pieces. I have had the bridle for many years and it still looks new.
I thought about buying a new cheap bridle all together off of ebay or something, but I'm having a hard time parting with the bridle!

I do LOVE buying and looking at tack. I spend my money on not clothes, shopping, outings, whatever, but tack. :D One of my favorite places to be is a tack shop. :shock: I would die if something happened to my precious pieces of leather. I think someone's tack is very personal to them and says a lot about what they like when riding. I think it's interesting, it can reflect a lot of what a rider's principals are.

I'm going to shamelessly parade some of the saddles and equipment I own (I worked HARD for them - they were not easily bought!)

My dressage saddle: Klimke/Miller with extra long flaps;
I use either a cotton white saddle pad or black micro suede pad.. minus the initials. :oops:

Crank bridle with attached flash, black with brass finish - Bobby's Tack
Occasional draw reins when developing back and neck for my older boy.
Basic pelham or
I use a basic french link snaffle when showing.
Boots or wraps when needed.

Back in our jumping days: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Jumping saddle: Henri De Rivel
Fancy Stitched Bridle and breast collar- Bobby's Tack
Boots were always used.

I have more, but that was tiring enough.


Tomorrow I may actually be able to borrow a camera to take pictures of Cruiser and I riding! I'm excited since my camera is broken and I normally ride alone.. a bit difficult to take pictures of yourself while riding. :(

barnrat 02-04-2007 08:19 PM

What level of dressage are you on kristy? I use to do a bit of dressage on that pony of (almost mine)....He is wonderful...but I just wanted to ride not really get into all this showing and stuff....I did not care how mike or I looked as long as we got the job done, lol.

Friesian Mirror 02-04-2007 10:17 PM

I agree, I love tack stores :D All of your tack looks so nice! You take VERY good care of it :D I would TRY to get the nose band if I could.... you'll use it alot, so you'll get your money's worth out of it. Would it be cheaper then a new bridal? I think you would like it more, though a spare bridal might be nice to have......

kristy 02-04-2007 11:45 PM


Originally Posted by barnrat
What level of dressage are you on kristy?

Depends. My horse is 22 and has on again off again lameness. His soreness can generally be walked out of - meaning after a good warm up he isn't stiff or sore. On some days, he remains stiff and sore. :( Poor baby. With that said - on our so-so days we can do first level. Better days - second level but collection is difficult because I don't want to over exert him. Good days we work on third level movements in addition to working on second level.
And of course our bad days, we don't ride!


Originally Posted by friesian mirror
All of your tack looks so nice! You take VERY good care of it

Actually, I looked up the brand online and posted a picture of the same tack from a catalog picture. :oops: :( I still don't have a camera. :oops: :oops: My jumping equipment looks news because we don't use it anymore. (He's retired from jumping) My dressage saddle is broken in but still looks lovely. I really recommend all of those brands, they are worth every penny. After 7 years of use in that dressage saddle, it still looks new!


I would TRY to get the nose band if I could.... you'll use it alot, so you'll get your money's worth out of it. Would it be cheaper then a new bridal? I think you would like it more, though a spare bridal might be nice to have......
That's what I can't figure out. I could probably get a simple snaffle bridle cheaper then the nose band but I really do love the nose band. I think I will use my jumping bridle with the new bit just to see if I really do like the new bit. If so, I'll get the nose band. Thanks for your advise! :D

kristy 02-05-2007 12:34 AM

Still no camera. :cry: :cry: :cry:

I was going to borrow one from a friend today but that didn't work. I'm getting so tired of waiting for a camera to come around I just might buy one. I looked last night and I think I can get a pretty good camera around 100 bucks. I'm just so afraid I won't get pictures of Cruiser and I before he is retired.. It's important that I get some good ones. I'd like to frame them. I've always ridden alone so I've had few opportunities of having someone around to take a picture.

And I'm tired of leaving advise for people without having any proof of being a rider! :lol: :lol: :lol: I PROMISE I'm not a keyboard rider...
:lol: :lol: :lol:

kristy 02-06-2007 09:05 AM

I went out and rode last night. It's been below 32, too cold for a camera (damages internal processing). It was 19 degrees, I believe. Cruiser was very sore and lame. I am extremely sad because of this.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I hate when he's lame.

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