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CrazyHorseChick 12-29-2007 11:21 PM

If you want to hear the Absolute BEST song in the world...
Hey guys sorry it's been so long sence I've gotten on, I got grounded... My fault, didn't clean my room..

This song really got to me because I have three uncles in Iraq right now. When I just listened to the song, I thought awww, this is a cute song, but then I watched the video to it and it put me in tears by the end. :cry:

Anyway sorry to be so sentimental, but I thought this was a great song and if you go to the websight..... you will get to hear the song (bring him home santa) and see the video, and if you would like read about it's makings, etc...

anyway, please let me know what ya'll thought of the song. :? :( :? :? :? :? :? :o :? :? :( :( :( :?

CrazyHorseChick 12-29-2007 11:23 PM

Woops sorry guys, couldn't figure out the smilly faces, hehe, my blond showing through! :lol:

Rachluvshorses4eva 12-30-2007 02:02 AM

It doesn't work?

CrazyHorseChick 12-30-2007 12:01 PM

The website?

I Love Lane 12-30-2007 08:54 PM

I balled at the end with that kid running to his dad!!! his little lip was shaking :cry: :cry:

CrazyHorseChick 12-31-2007 12:01 AM

I Know!!! That part and the part where the soldier is on his knees hugging his daughter..
I cried my heart out!!!

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