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dynamite. 03-10-2010 08:52 PM

Need ideas for a short story!
Hey guys, I have to write a short story for english class and I really have no idea what it should be about. I am not really good at making up serious things - my last story that I had to write was about Brad Paisley and Draco Malfoy fighting over a shetland pony :shock:

I was thinking of making it either from a horses or a childs perspective, about something like the old, cruel breaking process or being discaplined by an adult. Maybe the horse or child could be represented by something else. Anyhoodle, if anyone is good at writing than I would love to have some ideas. I need a conflict and solution I guess. Thanks :-)

equine fanatic99 03-12-2010 10:29 PM

i hate doing stories for shool work -_- it makes me feel pressured but i love doing them at home (= sorry i dont have any ideas for you, im trying to think something for myself as well, lol

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