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ShutUpJoe 03-15-2010 02:11 PM

Getting to know them
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I haven't ridden much because of all the mud and cold weather. So I've been mainly getting to know Dallas and Annalie. I'll be able to go out a lot more when it's warmer and dryer because we have a play area set up for the kids. So I can take them out with me when I go. Right now it's way to wet and the weather is being so indecisive.

I've had Dallas for about a month now (maybe a few days longer). I've ridden him five times. He is definitely barn sour, which will get fixed. He does not like electric fence. Won't go within two feet of it. He is like a big dog that doesn't quit trust me yet. I go out to catch him and he walks away from me. After about five minutes of walking after him he'll stop and let me catch him. I got a good look at the saddle I bought after I put it on him and decided it really doesn't fit him like I'd like. So I bought a bump pad and made a saddle pad cover and put it on him. Until I can get a saddle that fits him better. But it works.

He really does not like strong leg pressure. I tried to push him from a walk into a canter and he made the oddest noise. So I haven't done that anymore. I learned that if you wave the end of the rein at him (not even hitting him with it) he'll go right into a canter. Man is it choppy.

Today I went out and rode Annalie. I was going to ride Dallas but I haven't been feeling good and when it came down to it I was flat tired of all the mud. So I brought him out and brushed him up. I started to feel a bit dizzy so I sat down on the little wooden bridge with him on the lead. He stops eating grass and looks at me. Moves his ears around for a minute and then walks over to me and just sits there. His chest is within reach. So I reach up and scratch him. He starts putting his head on my shoulder and then ruffling my hair. Reaching his neck out like that feels good. So I did it for awhile and then I stopped. He looks at me, bumps me lightly with his nose. I gently push him away. So he picks up his muddy foot and puts it right by me. So his chest is RIGHT IN MY FACE. :D Just the laugh I needed. So I think I sat there for 30 minutes just itching his chest for him. He didn't want to go back out after that.

I haven't had Annalie long but she's an AWESOME ride. So smooth. I've never honestly liked ponies all that much. I'm in love with this one. She's a character. She's got a ton of drive when I ride her. Man can she go. But I put my daughter on her and it was like watching a turtle. She was taking it as easy as possible. She will come right up to you when you call her in the field, knickering the whole way.

Someone somewhere along the line put a saddle on her that was pinching her pretty good. She's got two nice white patches of hair on either side of her withers. So I made sure that the saddle that I have fits her nicely. At least I'm sure it does, doesn't seem to be pinching her. The only problem is, it's the only saddle that does. So the kids have to sit in my 16 inch saddle to ride her around. None of the pony saddles that are there fit her.

All I know is that Annalie would have to be pried away from me with a crowbar if anything happens. Completely satisfied with her. I like Dallas A LOT but Annalie is just great. Here are a couple pics of her with my daughter on her. Sorry about all the mud there is no getting away from it. When we have a few days of warm dry weather and my guys are getting a bath. Going to wash their tails and wrap them. Dallas' drags the ground.

charlicata 03-15-2010 08:29 PM

She's such a pretty pony, and your baby girl is adoreable! I wouldn't short change the bond that you have with Dallas though. Sounds like there's a pretty good bond if when you had to sit down, because you were feeling bad, he picked up on it so quick. So much so that he actually stopped eating grass to come and nuzzle you and stand by you.

I wish it were that sunny here!! We have wayyyyyy too much mud, and it's been drizzling off and on since Thursday or Friday. It's been so long now I can't remember. :)

ShutUpJoe 03-15-2010 08:59 PM

We're getting there. He's slowly learning that I'm not going to hurt him. He doesn't like fast movements at all. He pulls his head up and shows the white in his eyes when I go to catch him but he loves to be scratched. I tried to join up with him when I first got him and didn't have much success. I'll try again when it is less muddy. Haven't had a dry day in a long time. It's been wet or snowy.

AlmostThere 03-17-2010 02:14 AM

Oh my goodness, that is a girl and a pony who should never be parted :). Too cute together.

ShutUpJoe 03-17-2010 09:28 AM

: ) She's not a hard pony to like.

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