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laceyf53 01-02-2008 03:15 PM

Any Endurance riders out there?
I am looking to get my Arab some support boots so I can start training him for endurance riding. I am new to the sport, so I am doing all the research I can to avoid making mistakes. Conformationally, my horse has long pasterns and is almost behind at the knee, but not quite. I want to get him the best type of boot to help prevent any injuries once I start riding him hard. I can say that he carries himself very well, super lofty trot, naturally collects, and his conformation otherwise is very good. He has no neurological problems or wobbling. I did notice that he doesn't have super big hooves like most endurance horses do, and he just seems smaller in general. I posted some pics and I hope some people have some suggestions. I am going to have him evaluated once I move him next month, but I want to get as many different opinions as I can!

The pic upload isn't working for some reason, so I linked them.

mell 01-03-2008 12:45 AM

i havent actualy done any endurance rides, but i do know a bit as my mum has run them and my step dad has competed in them.
im not sure what country u r in but this site is useful.
go to the starting out link on the bottom left of the page.

as for the boots im not sure, be careful though as sand, water, dirt etc can get inside and cause the boot to rub.

do you know someone who has competed, they would be much more help.

sorry i couldn't help you more!

crackrider 01-09-2008 07:06 AM

I do endurance riding but i have only been doing it for the last 2 yrs so i'm not sure what boots you'd need. Look on the internet at sites like mell suggested. It is the Australian Endurance Riders Association. There should be a similar site for where ever you are so have a look.

As for him being smaller don't worry about it too much. Here in Aus (don't know where u are) there are heaps of smaller horses competeing succesfully. They sometimes do better than some bigger horses because they may cool down faster and do really well in hilly country becuase of shorter legs.

abcd1234 01-10-2008 04:17 AM

wow your horse is gorgous! my horse is long in the pastern and almost behind in the knee, i absolutly love the proffesional's choice boot, i forget their exact name but they are great. My horse does endurance quite successfully and i was worried at first about the pasterns but he has had no drama's

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