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thunderhooves 03-17-2010 11:53 PM

Let's Bas Disciplines!
I have read SO many bashing threads, that it is making me a bit tired.
So......I propose an idea!
Let's just realize that not everyone will like every disipline out there and even in our own disiplines, we may not like hom others(most) ride. I will start:
Western Pleasure: To low headset, both horse and rider look stiff and unfluid, mostly.

Dressage: Looks pretty when done tthe right way. Others may see it as a lot of pulling on the horses mouth when they see amatuers(sp?)

Western Gymkhana: Lots of rearing/bucking crazy horses who all they do is run run run and have big problems at the gate. **Nore: I ride gymkhana, but not like that!**

Halter: Sometimes HUGE horses with weird muscle-things, can look great when they don't look like they're on steriods.
Anyone else care to post? Also, mild disagreements allowed, but please, no fighting and hating. This is a thread to realize and except the fault of what some people may see when watching.

**** No Offence Intended To Any Person****

Honeysuga 03-17-2010 11:55 PM

Lol, you are going to cause a conniption fit for those who are just "sick and tired of all the bashing"... I like it.

nrhareiner 03-18-2010 12:12 AM

I am going to add a warning to this thread. I can see where this can be informative. To see what others see in different disciplines. They all have their things that have changed over the years. Some for the good and some for the bad.

If this becomes anything but a fun and informative type thread it will be closed.

ThatNinjaHorse 03-18-2010 01:03 AM

Western pleasure: Never ridden it, but from what ive seen i dont like it. It looks unnatural, painfully slow and just..horrible...

Dressage: Theres alot of misinformation at the lower levels, too much emphasis on the horses head (even from some judges, i know from first prelim test i got coments like "horse not collected"...what the hell?!) Dodgy instructors. I know some, perhaps alot, especially those horses at higher levels, dont get any 'free' sort of time, just dressage, dressage, dressage. I dont really think thats right. On another forum i read occasionally, theres a thread about riding horses out of the arena. ALL of the riders that contributed to the thread said they never take they're horses out because of the way they behave. You cant expect them to be little angels if they are never taken out can you?
I've heard some talk about horses having no turnout time, each to they're own i guess, if the horse is getting enough excersise, and is well cared for i dont have too much of a problem with it. My horses will always have turnout time though, no matter what. I do know however, of a horse at an international event in Sydney who had hot tape inside its stall to stop it from throwing itself at the walls...:?

Show jumping: Seen a few scary riders, especially at local shows. So many riders getting left behind, no release, balancing on horses mouth when landing etc. You can spot the riders with a nice seat and obvious training miles away.

Hacking (show): Massive amount of bitching and judgement from other competitors. Greater chance of bias from the judge due to lack of score card like dressage. I've even encountered a judge tell a steward she wont place greys because she doesnt like the colour. And at another show this month i was told that the judge believed a Stallion should never be placed below a mare/gelding. I watched every led class, and they were right, the stallions won it all regardless.
It annoys my how they cram so many horses into one ring sometimes, its dangerous.

Those walking horse events (TWH and whatever) I cant watch. The movement looks unnatural, and i dont see anything at all appealing about it.

These are just my bias and in many areas uneducated opinions. Dont take it too seriously :lol:

thunderhooves 03-18-2010 02:34 PM

Yes! This is the point of this thread- good natured bashing!

smrobs 03-18-2010 05:11 PM

Pretty much on the same page with you TH.

WP: ugly and not natural. Horses look lame and lethargic. Very well trained but most have no spirit.

Dressage: ugly. I get the connection and training it takes to be good but I just don't like the look of it. As a western rider, I prefer a level horse on a loose rein.

Reining: not bad. Horses are allowed to move out but they are starting to take a note from the WP handbook and train horses to carry their nose in the dirt and way behind the vertical. That's ugly.

TWH (big lick): no words need be said.

Halter: crap. 99.9% of those horses have so many conformational oddities that they are unsound for a good day's work. All that muscle doesn't make them stronger, it makes them less fluid in their movement and they appear stiff all the time.

Cutting: okay. Amazing to watch but I wish they would start the futurities at 5 or 6 instead of 3 years old. Not very practical in a real ranch setting though. If those horses tried to cut a cow on ground that wasn't soft and a foot deep, they would cripple themselves the first time out.

Roping, barrels, poles, all other speed events: most times, terrible. More a rider problem than horse problem. So many don't know how to handle a horse and it is always either spur to go or yank a head off to stop or turn. It does happen, but it's not very often that you will see a barrel racer walk their horse into the arena on a loose rein, run the pattern without the use of spurs or an over/under or a twisted wire gag bit, then stop smoothly and walk out of the arena on a loose rein. That goes for all those disciplines: roping horses that rear out of the box or won't back up, etc.

:D Give me a good well trained ranch horse any day. They travel level, are responsive, very multi-talented, and content to just go along with whatever you want them to do, even if they've never done it before.

TheRoughrider21 03-18-2010 08:58 PM

WP: unnatural. I ride WP and sometimes I really hate it. The lope feels so uncomfortable and slow that I just wanna go faster...and usually do.

Dressage-Lot of lower level people not understanding collection, just yanking on the horse's mouth.

Halter-To me, its a lot of horses that are so buitl up and unnatural looking that using them for everyday riding isn't comfortable.

Speed Events(barrel racing, pole bending,etc)-I ride in rodeos but some horses that I see are hot and totally burnt out. They don't want to go into the gate someone has to lead them in as their walking sideways. Rearing and bucking. Horses not being taught to rate right. Horses slamming into barrels because they don't know how to turn properly and then getting even more excited and taking off. "Cowgirls" thinking they're expert horse trainers but use severe bits and lots of unnessacariy whiping and spurring to go faster. I love rodeos and barrel racing and pole bending...when its done RIGHT!

I think I'm done for now lol.

Honeysuga 03-18-2010 10:54 PM

Barrel Racing- I simply cannot watch anymore, I am disgusted by what I see. Poorly trained and bred horses being whipped, kicked, and slapped around an arena destroying their joints and sanity. I stand by what I said before that all barrel racers and horses need to pass a competency exam before they can compete. That said, it is a sport that I love, I love it becasue it tests the relationship my horse and I share and tests the training I do. I love it because it is hard to make it perfect and you have to practice moving every single part of your horses body so that you can instruct hem in a moments notice.

WP- I find the horses look stiff, like they are dragging their hind ends and completely lacking any spirit or drive. I understand the time it takes to make them do that, but IMO you should strive to make your horse a more productive and comfortable individual, not to create horrendous slow, lurching gates and stiff dragging hind ends. I would love to see some flowing collected gates, comfortable round frames, and a teensy bit more bone on WP horses. i like to dream big!

Big Lick- Nuff said. Babies ridden by full grow men... Light small boned horses forced to constantly hyperflex their joints, damage their hips and just about every other bone in their bodies...Little consideration for the horses welfare. I will stop there.

Dressage- lots of stiff shrimp and swan necked horses, mouth pulling, constant poking with spurs.... I get the basic concet is to imitate war horses of old, but you have to understand how they got those horses that way, through harsh methods and life or death situations... I love the discipline, hate when it is taken over board(you hear me ANKY!) Also moving more toward animate front/dead hind horses, no true collection or roundness. Super hot overstalled horses.

TB racing- babies raced then thrown away when they loose that spark or physically fall apart due to too much strain on young developing joints. I think it should be illegal to race anything under 4 years old, minimum.

SB racing- Same^^

Arabian showing- Cinnasticks in the rear, vicks in the nose, heads cranked up... Over breeding and line breeding, breeding for defromations.

HUS- Same as WP, but add jumps in the mix with WP movement and you have it.

Eventing- super hot, over grained and stalled horses ridden at breakneck speeds over hugs jumps.

Horse showing in general- Forcing individual unique horses to meet a standard, comparing individual horses, over breeding and line breeding, over stalled horses, high concentrate fed, shod 24/7, horses rarely out of an arena, horses kept under lights(jet lag anyone!!), competition causes less than savory means to win, horse care and happiness second to the RIBBONS!!...

To each his own though...

ridergirl23 03-18-2010 11:21 PM

haha i have been readin these, and have you noticed, all these 'bashings' only fit the disciplines when they are not done correctly, like dressage: if you look at classical dressage where it is ridden correctly and stuf, well, i havent ever heard anyone complain about a round, straight, horse that is happ to do his job!
and barrel racing: When the horse is trained properly and not jabbed by spurs and is kept sane then it is nice.

or like the walkers: people made them crazy and made the whole discipline crazy by using weights and soring and stuff, well, tht wasnt ment to be that discipline, and when its done nicely, like with a natural gait, it looked very pretty

haha i just had to point that out because i thought it was sorta funny :P

jamesqf 03-19-2010 04:31 PM

I think I can bash most of them, and without knowing much about them either. They seem to be more about competition and human ego than anything to do with the horse, which becomes just a necessary tool for competing.

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