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Cheval 01-02-2008 07:25 PM

Picture overload!
So, here's some of my pictures.
Note: I do own a horse, but she's for sale, and it's hard for me to talk about her. These are on lesson horses, or my friends horses.
You can crit. on my riding, but I pretty much am aware of what I need to work on.
Anyways, here we go!

This is my friends horse. 8yo Oldenburg Gelding. Ideal x Arab Mare. Premium foal. Anyway, Izzy's really cute, a bit spazzy but really cute. Please excuse my position! He has a very big, springy trot, so I was practicly flying out of the saddle. Don't worry; I don't usally ride like this. These pictures were taken yesterday.
^ Ahh! Heels down!
^ There's the arab in him!
^ My 2-Point sucks!

I thought I'd just like to put a picture of her up. This is my horse that's for sale. She's a 6yo Morgan mare. She spooks, and old owners misrepresented us. So, she's for sale. This picture was taken yesterday. No crit on this, because I just hopped on her bareback.
^ Sale picture

Taffy's an 18yo Blazer Pony gelding. He's a school horse, and does his job great. He's about...13.1hh - give or take. I love this pony to pieces. He was the first pony (that I cantered) I rode, first horse I fell off...he's so special to me. I haven't ridden him forever - as you can see I'm a bit too big for him in this picture. This was picture was took in the early summer.
^ Open my eyes! I got way too ahead of him.

This is my BFF's old horse (he just sold in November). He's a 13yo National Show Horse gelding - he used to be a saddleseat horse, but is now a dressage and sometimes does jumping. I think he's 15.3hh?
^ I need to bring those shoulders back! He was a bit hyper that day, so it was harder to get him rounded. He was most of the time, that just wasn't the best picture.

I love this horse more than anything (ha, almost!). This is my BFF's horse. 7yo Quarter horse gelding, who is now lame. He can never jump over 14inches again (pedal oestias -- sp?). Even though he was hurt, he always put his best foot forward. I love this boy. I experienced so much on him!
^ My hunter mode (I'm an eventer)! I was getting way too ahead of him, kinda on purpose. Obviously, he wasn't on the same pace!
^My frist time 3ft ever (yeah, it doesn't look 3ft but the picture angle isn't the best). Please not crit. on this jump, I'm totally aware of my postion. I was really nervous. This picture was taken in summer.

8yo Haflinger gelding, gelded at 6. "Socialy retarted". Awesome jumper, however has a huge powerful jump. Has coursed up to 3'6"ft, at a show.
^ WOAH, I call that pulling back!
^ Urg. Pulling back on him, again.
^ Look at his little tuck!

5yo Haflinger Mare (owner is same as Amaron). She's a really weird ride, but adorable! She kinda pulls you around, but she is really young and green. I haven't jumped her, only dressage, but I took her over a few ground poles and she jumped them, but she seems like she'd be a really cute little jumper.
^ Shoulders back!

That's about it! I hope you enjoyed -- sorry for the picture overload!

free_sprtd 01-02-2008 09:35 PM

oh yay! i looooooooooove lots of pictures!! all the horses are very beautiful! I especially love the coloring on Sky and Hailey. I'm not that great of rider so don't feel bad!...but it all comes with time and practice!

PoptartShop 01-02-2008 09:58 PM

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Loveeeee the piccies! :D
Hailey is my fav. :P They are all so cute though!
Gorgeous horsies!

Feathers 01-02-2008 10:06 PM

Wow, I love Magic's color. He's such a pretty black!! It's a shame he is lame now :(

All in all, those are some pretty nice looking horses!!

I am a horrible rider...if I try hard enough though, I can at least stay on the horse's back. :D

Cheval 01-02-2008 10:41 PM

Thanks guys :)

alucard 01-03-2008 07:50 PM

I think you're too hard on yourself! We all have stuff to work on, but I think that you're a great rider, and you're very conscientious of how you ride. Cut yourself a break!

Very Beautiful horses.

Cheval 01-04-2008 02:45 PM

ahh, thanks so much! :D

Sara 01-04-2008 03:27 PM

Oh wow...take the star off Libby, and she looks JUST like my first pony!

Cheval 01-04-2008 10:23 PM

Aww <3
Libby's such a sweet mare, she's just really not working out. She has a lot of vices (spooking, bucking, bolting, and before she moved barns, starting a rearing problem). I talked to a trainer today, and she said she probaly tries so hard she panics. I agree. But still, I want to sell her, because I want her to go to a good home, that she'll want to do something, rather being forced to do what I want her to (jumping).

Sara 01-04-2008 11:41 PM

Really hope you find a good home for her. They are all beautiful:)

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