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matzki 03-21-2010 06:33 AM

Do the riders and horses that you know match?
Sometimes I haven't got a clue, why a rider bought precisely the horse, he or she bought. I know a lot of horse riders and horses, that are not a good team. To be true, I don't know a lot of riders and horses that I would consider a perfect match.

I think that there are different types of "not matching":
- The horse is "too much horse" for the owner (because the horse is difficult or just because it is young and inexperienced).
- The horse is not suitable for the category of horse riding (Dressage, Show jumping,..) the owner wants to do.
- The owner is to small/tall or heavy for his horse.

When do you think that horse and rider match?
Do you know a lot of horses and riders that match?

ptvintage 03-21-2010 09:04 AM

The most noteable example I can think of a horse not matching was a woman at my old barn, she was petite, about 5', probably 60 years old. She was an extremely timid woman, and an extremely timid rider.

Her horse was a four year old 17+ hh oldenburg, very beautiful, very interesting color (gray, but with chestnut flicks in a fleabitten pattern, I have no idea what it'd be called) very hot, very spooky. He definitely needed an advanced/confident rider. Even us barn help were intimidated just bringing him in from the pasture. He regularly reared, tried to bolt and spooked at the same things everyday, the barn door, the horses in the stalls, children, rocks, dogs, insects, the person leading him, etc. He wasn't mean though, thank goodness. No bitting or striking out, just a very nervous animal. If you went to his field, he would come right up to you and enjoy some petting.

She fell from him almost every time she rode him. The BO ended up riding him much more than she did. Eventually she took the horse to a different barn (I got to be the lucky one that trailered him! BO didn't have a big enough trailer) and I actually think she ended up doing much better with him with her new trainer. She came back one time to do a show and the horse was surprisingly calm and she looked happy. So at least the story has a happy ending (maybe?). I have no idea what they are doing now though.

She spent a lot of money both on him and on training fee's and board fee's at my old barn, he was there for at least two years not making much progress, both on the ground and being ridden. Plus all those falls couldn't have been good for her. It was definitely a case of being over mounted. But she loved the horse I guess!

Thinking about it now, I guess I do know quite a few riders who for whatever reason were not happy with their horses. Interestingly enough, those who had horses that didn't fit what they wanted to do (jumping, dressage, w/e) were very quick to sell their horses, but people who were over mounted hung on to that horse.

Another memorable girl- my former best friend who boarded my horses on occasion. She started out with a big gray quarter horse, but she didn't want him because she didn't like his color. Sold him and bought a dun yearling. Sent her off to training and when she got back, decided she didn't want a dun, she wanted to show on the appaloosa circuit. Sold the dun, bought an appaloosa. Had the horse in training for a few months, and then decided she wanted the dun back. Sold the appaloosa and now doesn't ride at all. When I talked to her regularly, she would still complain that she would have been amazing if she'd kept her dun horse. I'm not sure what she was looking for in a horse, it's bizarre to me that someone wouldn't like a horse just because of it's color.

This turned out to be quite long, so I'll end it now.

Jessabel 03-22-2010 04:16 PM

There are a few people at my barn who need to get different horses. Or shouldn't have a horse at all.

There's a woman there that has two geldings: one is a 28yo who's well behaved but can only be ridden lightly. He's a very good match for her, but her other horse is a 6yo Paint who rears and strikes out unpredictably. I won't even go into his stall to feed him because his temper can flare up out of the blue and he'll bite, kick, etc. She's even admitted that he's struck out at her when she was leading him up from the pasture. She's very timid and the horse needs a professional trainer. He hasn't even been mistreated to my knowledge, so I don't know where his temper comes from.

There's also a pony called Jack that belongs to a little girl. Everyone calls him Jack Attack. He was about 6 years old when they got him and only broke to drive. The first day they brought him home, he tried to jump over his stall wall. He also rushes the gate at feeding time and barges through it if you're not careful. He's reared and bolted with the girl on him and he also bites. He likes to team up with the psychotic Paint gelding I mentioned before and try to run people over. It's not all his fault because his owner is a buttwipe. I kinda feel bad for him because every time something happens, they always blame it on him. He would probably turn into a great pony with a decent trainer, but he has no guidance or structure and they don't take very good care of him. No wonder he's loony.

upnover 03-22-2010 04:55 PM

One of the hardest things about being a trainer is finding a good match for one of your students. There is nothing worse then having a kid struggle with a horse that's not a good fit. I'm very picky and insist that the parents not invest money until we find the right one. It might take MONTHS, the kid might miss out on half the show season, but very rarely will I put something in the trailer unless I'm 100% sure it'll be ok. And even when I'm sure I still try and get a trial period. Keeping a horse is expensive, why pay money on something that's not a good match?

SorrelHorse 03-22-2010 06:32 PM

I know several people who need to get differant horses, without a doubt. But there's also a few who couldn't change if they tried.

I truly believe me and my horses are all compatible, some more than others. There are a few quirks that make them sort of challenging but they put up with my mistakes and I put up with theirs and we all learn together. The only horse I'm not compatible with so far is Honey....dear god, she is just too intelligent for me to deal with. She's sneaky, deceiving, and incredibly stubborn in the arena. And that's a problem with me since I'm an arena rider most of the time.

It just depends. You'll know when you find the horse that's just right for you because the horse will know too, if that makes sense :)

kathryn 03-22-2010 06:36 PM

My one friend's horse is absolutely perfect for her, they are fantastic together and it is very heartwarming to see. I am currently looking for my perfect partner. :)

ridergirl23 03-22-2010 07:01 PM

Me and Rena always get comments of " being a harmionious pair" and comments from people at the barn that we work well together. I think we work well together because we understand eachother, i know she doesnt like me getting in her way, but that she does like to have guidence. to me finding a horse that you understand is what its about. I know a few people tha need different horses, not just because they dont look like a good team, but because the horse needs to be worked with and stuff because hes very spooky, and the rider doesnt think he needs it and just smacks him when he spooks.

whiskeynoo 03-22-2010 07:39 PM

i knew of one girl who had a horse (gorgeous chestnut anglo-arab) that wasn't so good for her although when you looked at them they were so much alike she used to keep the horse at my dads and the first year she had him she done really well with him then after that she came down less and less and when she did she started to struggle with eventually got to the stage where when she did come down it wouldnt be to ride it was just to say hi then leave anyways after about two years they send him away to get re-schooled then moved him to a field closer to where they lived which is probably a good thing because i think half the battle was getting a way out to see him i have no idea how they're getting on know though.

RiosDad 03-23-2010 02:02 PM

The majority of the ladies I know all have horse's too big for them. Reading alot of these posts again I feel alot of ladies pick horses too big. A big horse can be very intimidating.
Plus I am tired of boosting them up on their big guys.:lol::lol::lol:
Ladies pick smaller horses, more in proportion to your size.

whiskeynoo 03-23-2010 02:22 PM

one of the horses i ride is rocky he's about 16'1 / 16'2 and im five foot i can manage to get up on him alright, it gets easier after the first few times like

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