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aintnocitygirl 03-22-2010 04:32 PM

My mare is out on pasture 24-7. I live in FL & the grass in my pasture (7 acres) is pretty rich throughout the whole year.

I am going to a show April 24th. I'll be getting there Friday night, getting her in her stall, waking up & competing, then going home Saturday afternoon.

Because she is going to be in the stall, she needs hay. :wink: Well, I never buy hay. Don't know what kind is the best, don't know how much to feed, etc.

What do you recommend I do for my mare? Should I start buying a rich kind of hay now, feed a little to her each day, & slowly downgrade to a little cheaper kind? That way her system will be used to it by the time I get her cooped up in a stall for one night?

Is it bad to just give it to my mare immediatly when I get there or should I slowly help her system get used to it?

lovemytwister 03-22-2010 07:26 PM

i lived in southern georgia for two years right by the borde of florida. there is a hay called bermuda? i think. im from alaska and georgia didnt have the hay we were used to, so i dont know much about hay there. just be careful becuase my horse nearly died becuse of change of feed, he developed ulcers and lost all of his weight noone would help us, and for two years he wouldnt gain weight, he is back home and on normal feed now and is great. but see if you can find the hay i am talking about, also if they have timothy hay down there somewhere it is realllly goood. i hope this helps. (:

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