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TwisterRush 03-22-2010 09:05 PM

RANT About so called 'Riders'
Sorry about this, BUT i need to RANT !
Seriously, this girl pisses me off.

in the backround, she sold my dad a lame horse, (Sunfire) and her dad is a horrible Farrier ( we used him, but we got a new one)
Anyway's she traded horses with my friend, and this new horse he jumps, i went and simply told her to please take it easy with the jumping, like to at least 2 times a week max, because it is very tough on their joints.
She said to me that she used to jump him ALL The time when she was showing him ( her show hahahahahaa) and he loves it

I simply stated that it isn't very good for their Joints, it put's alot of pressure on them and said Inless you prefer a lame horse.

Than she went and said " You dont even know the horse like i do, so whatever"

So i said " It doesn't even matter on the horse, the internet is right there, why not read up some stuff so you actually know what you are talking about, seriously"

She Said " I do know so stfu, and it was my trainer who had me jumping him everyday, just not on weekends"

So i told her " Than you are a tool, Because you obviously DON'T know, You obviously don't care for the welfare of the horse or it's health, The thing's gonna be lame, and sour from jumping ! Wow
You are an Embarrassment to the equine world"

She said " no you are so FO, and my trainer has been training for 30 years so its non of your business what i do can, i am a better rider than you ever will be so just go F your horse and dont ever talk about me or my trainer again cause i know they are the best and besides it wont hurt if you only jump for like 10 minutes out of an hour workout or whatever."

SO i simply said " Whatever, seriously you are very arrogant. I know i am right, and you are wrong. If you don't want to face the facts that is fine, At least i know what i am talking about :) "

Seriously, i was very kind about it, and she just got all in my face, and i only got rather rude because she was just being ******ed.
I hate people like this, !!! Like she KNOWS NOTHING about horses, OR jumping OR anything ! FFS !!!


whiskeynoo 03-22-2010 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by TwisterRush (Post 583367)

So i told her " Than you are a tool

^ this made me smile ^ :)

she sounds kind of spoiled

TheRoughrider21 03-22-2010 09:16 PM

You have way more tolerance than I do. I can't stand people like her and would have probably taught her a lesson lol.

TwisterRush 03-22-2010 09:17 PM

Oh i am completely just pulling my hair out over her, I seriously just want to go there and SCREAM at her !

charlicata 03-22-2010 09:35 PM

Sounds like a spoiled brat to me. One of these days, real life isn't gonna just smack her in the face, it's gonna knock her flat on her back. I sincerely feel for kids that are brought up like this. I've witnessed this with a co-worker. Her daughter is 19 going on 3, and if she does something wrong, there're always a million and one excuses for her. She's not in school, doesn't have nor want a job, and gets pretty much everything she wants. It is just her and her mom, but if anything ever happens to her mom, I don't know if she could actually survive in the real world.

Try to keep your cool, and don't sink to her level.

TwisterRush 03-22-2010 09:38 PM

I can keep my cool pretty well, but this just ticks me off.

Seriously ! Like you CANNOT JUMP A HORSE EVERY DAY, It puts to much pressure on them, if she wants a lame horse, fine with me but i am just looking out for the horse.

Hell she doesnt even know how to tack a horse, the saddle pad is like half way ups the things neck -.-

Really Disapointed she has the courage to even call herself an equestrian. ON top of it SHE 'trains' Horses, pfft, wow.

sandy2u1 03-22-2010 11:13 PM

If you really want to persuade someone, then you have to talk to them and try and educate them. It generally takes more than one conversation and more than just your word on it. Once you start calling someone names and insulting them, the only reaction you can get is a defensive brick wall. Just going by your own words, it was you who started the name calling and insults.

So i told her " Than you are a tool, Because you obviously DON'T know, You obviously don't care for the welfare of the horse or it's health, The thing's gonna be lame, and sour from jumping ! Wow
You are an Embarrassment to the equine world"

Did you really think you were going to 'save' her horse by those words? You really just made it harder for her to be influenced by you.

TwisterRush 03-22-2010 11:33 PM

Yes you do have a point, but in fact, But when someone calls me a two faced **** for no reason Than i will get angry, i do have my reasons for getting rather rude to her, but in a sense i am still keeping the subject, while she trys to change it.

She thinks because she has been to 10 different trainers that she is amazing.

PaintsPwn 03-23-2010 06:05 AM

She called you a two faced ****, and you didn't send her to the ground? Good on you I guess, but she'd be eating grass in my presence.

ptvintage 03-23-2010 06:53 AM

So you walked up and confronted someone you already didn't like about something that wasn't your business and you expected her to just smile and thank you for your concern and rave about how the knowledge you bestowed upon her has made her day?

Frankly this sounded like a live action horse version of Jerry Springer. After all the insults you threw at her, I'm surprised she didn't punch you in the face. Then you could punch her back for calling you a two faced ****? Then you two could key each others parent's cars, and slash tires perhaps? Maybe you could set her up so it looked like she stole money from the barn? And then later in life, steal her boyfriend and then rub it in her face?

Don't worry about getting in trouble, it's perfectly acceptable for YOU to act that way, you were just looking out for the horse's welfare.


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