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SorrelHorse 03-24-2010 10:10 PM

Rode Rebel Today.
I took Rebel out to the arena today, and I was majorly humbled.

I always considered myself pretty good at sitting through a lope or a trot. I mean, Jester has terrible, big, and hard movement. I thought that was bad, but dear god Rebel make Jester look gaited!

So his trot wasn't bad if I posted, but his lope made me want to jump off. No joke. He moves so big that I was flying in the saddle. I thought I was going to be thrown off. I tried my best to sit down, and I succeeded a little but I couldn't stop myself from bouncing a little. I had to stop him. I don't like to be flopping on his back like that.

So, long story short, I need to lope a lot of circles to get used to that. o.o

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