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PaintsPwn 03-24-2010 09:35 PM

My House = Crazy.
This is kinda ranty, but not superbly so.

-big sigh- I just emailed one of my instructors to see if she needed any help.. that I would work for free. Why? Because my house is becoming waaaay too much to deal with.

My cousin in her hope for 'redemption' came up north (LONG story). I have no freaking idea why the hell I agreed to this. She's the same lazy mooch she's always been. And I have to share a room with her. The only sanctuary I have are the horses - which she's been wanting me to put her on. I told her no one rides for free so she better start cleaning stalls. Think she's done it? Nope.

You see, I get up in the mornings... I feed the horses, water them, turn them out weather permitting, get ready for work, go to work, come home, groom, ride/work, clean stalls, and leave them in until they're fed. I have a full day. It wears me out LOL!

... Oh cool, jut got an email back from the instructor who said we can use the work to shave off training expenses 8D Yaaaay! It's more of a compliment now that she just told me another girl who's won everything around her asked her if she needed help and she declined. I needed that boost in confidence!!! Whee! ... Gotta love ADD.

So either way. Cousin is like "lets go here, lets go there" blah blah blah. I wonder where she's getting this gas money from at $2.84 a gallon??? And she wanted me to take her job hunting in Valpo - but I started thinking at work "This is taking away my ride time.. that's.. not gonna happen." Bless my manager, as I just was ranting to her about it today LOL!

Plus, mom brought her home, mom can take care of it. Not my job. DNW a child >8| Not to mention, my cousin is a bit older than me. What the heck?

But I've been pushed to that point, and my household has become that unbearable that I basically just offered to clean stalls for free. Wow. I must really need some alone time. And my mom is ticked at her, which is resorting in my mom yelling at ME because she's already had enough of the cousin constantly talking on the phone and similar bullocks.

I just want my basically drama free life back 8(

TwisterRush 03-24-2010 09:58 PM

Awe, that's no fun :(
I know how it feel's though to get 'out' sadly i can't lol because i am in the middle of nowhere with my horses :P
I do hope that thing's get better, and you're cousin get's more respect for you !

Congrats on the extra barn work time though :P :)

PaintsPwn 03-25-2010 05:47 PM

I came home and da house is EMPTY!!! YAAAY! 8DDD When they come home, I may split to Valpo for a bit XD

Gillian 03-25-2010 07:16 PM

I hear your on the unstable, crazy household. My family's probably as volatile as it gets. It's funny because we live in a nice house and appear on the outside to be one of those "perfect" families. I love my parents and appreciate what they do for me SO much. Every day that I'm not working I feel horrible that they're paying for my car, my horse, etc. The problem in my house is my bipolar (diagnosed) sister.

It's hard. It makes me crazy. But I'm still lucky to have what I have. I'll be leaving to live with a friend and go to school soon and I'll have to work my butt off to support my horse but it's better than dealing with this for much longer. I feel your pain. It sucks but sometimes you just gotta deal for a little longer before you can get out.

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