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damnedEvans 03-28-2010 08:18 AM

Horse riding for kids in the park
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Hello :-) I want to share some pictures from our ride session with the kids. It was a fund rising for the horse shelter. Everyone could donate a sum of money for the horses. It was a nice experience for the kids.

Natasha before the riding
Attachment 28194

Gin before the riding
Attachment 28195

Natasha saddled up
Attachment 28196

Me, Natasha and a nice kid
Attachment 28188

Attachment 28189

Attachment 28190

Attachment 28191

A very young child and Gin
Attachment 28192

Gin and the horse shelter's banner
Attachment 28193

Attachment 28197

damnedEvans 03-28-2010 08:21 AM

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Attachment 28198

One very happy kid
Attachment 28199

Attachment 28200

Natasha after the ride, very anxious because Gin was taken back home before her. She was feeling very lonely :lol:.
Attachment 28201

PaintedHooves 03-28-2010 11:35 AM

Beautiful horses! It looks like the kids had a lot of fun with them. :D

Pinto Pony 03-28-2010 01:37 PM

What a great fund raiser, sharing the horses :D

damnedEvans 03-28-2010 02:40 PM

:lol: the kids had a lot of fun, some of them never touched a horse before. It's a problem with the kids who lives in a town because they don't have a lot of occasions to encounter a horse or any other farm animal. Some of them were really excited ...

And for the horses was interesting too, they finally had something to do. And they gained some experience. They were wonderful with all that crowd and noise near them.

whiskeynoo 03-28-2010 03:19 PM

awww how lovely :) reminds me of a few years back where we'd cart our horses to glencaple and when we got there and unharnessed we'd get so many kids wanting to pet the horses and some even got a shot :)

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