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RedTree 03-28-2010 09:26 AM

would it be safe to cross a road?
I mean a road that can sometimes get a kinda busy sometimes.
I was wondering because I wanted to start having lessons and theres a lady that lives like 5mins away from where Buzz is but across the main road.
I dont think Buzz would have problems with the car hes pretty mellow haha my friends dad can liturally drive right up to him in a tractor and he wont budge he has to get out and move him haha

theres also something else he doesnt really like leaving his little friend behind but I was thinking if I started to hand walk him for like 10mins down her street and get him used to being away from her do you think that would work?

Or I wa going to just flaot but hes a hassle to float sometimes

Painted Horse 03-28-2010 09:54 AM

Teach him to get in the trailer (float) It opens up some much opportunity for other activities if you can easily transport your horse.

Only you know how busy the road is. If you can safely cross the road, then fine. If it's going to be a challenge to get across, then I consider other options. There should be enough gaps in traffic for you to calmly walk him across.

ridergirl23 03-28-2010 10:41 AM

I have to cross a busy road that branches right off the highway a kilometer from where i cross it, and theres usually a good long gap in the traffic for us to walk across. Be careful because one time me and my mom were going across the road for a hack and her horse was scared of the lines on the road! it was really weird, but luckily there werent any cars in the area, and the only car we saw stopped and waited for my mom to coax gabby over the lines, haha silly horse >.<

Amlalriiee 03-28-2010 11:33 AM

I think you'll be fine, I cross roads a lot when I ride...some are fairly just have to be careful! I wouldn't cross a highway or anything...I mean we're not allowed to anyway and that's probably no different in Australia. But who knows...I've never been there!

lilkitty90 03-28-2010 12:00 PM

you have to know your horse and how respectful people are in your area. i ride across roads but don't rush yourself across as you can slip. and we have before. also be careful because there are those disrespectful people who will coem flying by honking their horns at you. and you want your horse prepared for that. and there are the evil neighbor dogs. and fire hydrants and flags. so make sure your horse is fairly desensitized to all of this.

RiosDad 03-28-2010 12:16 PM

You are simply crossing a road?? Right?? NOt riding along the shoulder but straight across crossing?? that should be a no brainer, that or you shouldn't be out of an enclosed arena at all.:lol:

RedTree 03-29-2010 06:21 AM

ok thanks :)
I would probably hand walk him across the first few times but he takes everything in his stride

SilverSpur 03-29-2010 06:34 AM

hi redtree

if you can comfortably walk him down the road and across it without any drama, you should be fine to cross it.

RedTree 03-31-2010 08:06 AM

i have a question when walking along side roads

should you walk so your on the right side of the horse without having to change side to the wrong side but then i would be facing the traffic I mean there wont be many traffic down the road but.. anyway I drew a picture of what I'm trying to say because I suck at explaining things lol

heres the pic the red lines are cars and brown would be wear I walk with Buzz

Pidge 03-31-2010 11:38 AM

Majority of my riding is done down roads...including some very busy ones. I cross them I ride on them if forced etc. If your horse is calm you wont have an issue.

just be extra careful if your horse has shoes. A barefoot horse has a chance of slipping if they hit a road at high in shoes can slip an slide at a walk. Nearly had a paint fall on his bum with me cause he spooked on the road an had 4 shoes...Ive never had a barefoot horse slip though I saw my friends slip once...she barely slipped and its cause she hit the pavement at a lope.

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