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luvmystandardbred27 01-06-2008 04:27 PM

is this supposed to happen? help!
i live in n.h. with my 2 palomino/qh 's. ones name is chance and he is a cream colored palomino and the other is jake, a darker color, but still a palomino. this winter there has been a record amount of snow (about 53 inches total) and i just realized today that it looks like chance's hooves are turning white! all but his front left foot are white. i have never realized it before and my ferrier doesnt come for about another month so i did not ask him. jake's hooves are fine, they have always been striped black and white. is it because of chance's coat color? but wouldn't jake's hooves be like that too? help!

Jr_lover 01-06-2008 09:41 PM

Hmm i've never heard of that. There is a palomino at the barn i ride at he belongs to my friend. I don't think i have ever noticed his hoofs changing color. I think they are just black but i know he has a white stripe in a couple because i was looking at them once. But i never saw his hooves change color. You should probably look it up. Sry i can't help you much there since i have never seen that happen before. Are you sure his hooves changed? or maybe you never noticed they were actually that color?

-xx-sally-xx- 01-07-2008 12:21 AM

Hmm.. maybe ur horse is cremello, not palamino.. or even a faint albino.. Maybe he's lacking pigmentation.. Does he have any trouble seeing or have wall eye in one/both eyes?

jazzyrider 01-07-2008 03:38 AM

we have had heaps of rain here lately and its been pretty cold. when they are standing in the water for ages their hooves start to go white start from the top of the hoof. the longer they stand in it the further down in spreads. im not sure what it is and if its bad but it worries me too. the farrier is coming out at the end of next week so i will ask him then. once the hooves dry out though the white goes away

Vidaloco 01-07-2008 09:12 AM

Our girls hooves start to go white when its been really wet too. I make up a goo of pine tar and bees wax melt it on the stove ..not too hot just enough to get it melted and then use a paint brush to brush it on the hooves. It solidifys really quick if its cold out so work fast.

luvmystandardbred27 01-07-2008 04:38 PM

yes, since i ride chance almost every day i have cleaned his hooves and they were darker color. (we dont ride in the winter) also when i put on hoof polish, they were darker color. all my life i have had horses and i have never seen this before! the only other time i have seen this much snow either is from the blizzard of '78 :lol: ..... as i said, my farrier wont be coming for a while, so if anyone knows of any other good horse websites (besides this one, because it rocks!) that you think would help me, please let me know!

reiningfan 01-07-2008 04:40 PM

We've had that happen in wet weather too. I think it's similar to what happens to us if our feet are in water too long. Nails look whiter than normal. Have you tried a sealant? Some farriers in my area use them.

luvmystandardbred27 01-07-2008 05:46 PM

this is my daughter pictured with my horse that's hooved are white.

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