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welshies rule 03-29-2010 06:44 PM

Natural Horsemanship or do we just 'get on'
Sorry if this is an essay but I'm just curious on opinions

I have had my horse J for 6mths, he is a rising 4 yr old Welsh cob,when I first got him he was in a little paddock on his own but within reach sight and smell of other horses for 2 -3 days, during that time he had ample forrage and I spent the time sitting in the paddock letting him come to me, by the end of three days I could walk and jog around said paddock and he would walk or trot after me. when he moved into the field with the herd and had settled I could walk in the field and he would still be happy to follow me. now if he is at the bottom of the field and notices me most of the time he comes up to the gate and calls me. if he doesnt but I want his attention I whistle 99% of the time he comes over neighing as he comes.

We can almost play games in the school when im on the ground we can play tag I tag his flanks and he we run around takin turns to tag each other. Now I know manuy people will say this is dangerous but he has never over stepped the mark and if he invades my space when we are not playing I place a hand on his chest and tell him back and he goes.

yes he somtimes is rewarded with treats but he is not grabby or rude. when we come back from a walk or ride and he has been great he knows it and rubs his head on me and whickers.

At the same time I have ridden him bb but 99% of the time he is ridden with saddle and bridle.

One of my friends on a different yard wanted to know how I 'trained' him truth is it kinda just happened.

so do we just have a good relationship or is it 'natural horsemanship'?

Spirithorse 03-29-2010 09:14 PM

Sounds like you have a wonderful thing going with your horse :) Kudos to you! IMO you are acting very natural around him and it shows in your relationship.

welshies rule 03-30-2010 07:48 AM

thanks, see when I started with him I'd heard about some of the natural horsemanship stuff but never really looked into it.

Spirithorse 03-30-2010 08:13 PM

Sounds like you have a good feel around horses naturally. That's great!

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