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Savvy Debonair 03-31-2010 06:30 AM

Invading space, and becoming fidgety?
Red has been chillin in the paddock for well over 6 months. I was wondering, what to do with a horse that has a tendancy to 'Zone out' and fidget, ignore his handler and spin around, fidget, rub his head on things, eat, when ever he is'nt being worked, he does'nt do it while being groomed but he did do it today while his saddle was being fitted.

Could his moving away be from being a bit girthy after not being saddled for so long, then having a painfull pinchy saddle being on, then whilst having a new saddle fitted, he is fearing the pain and avoiding it, or just being naughty and fidgety?

Also what can i do to keep his attention on me, and not fidgetting.

How can i keep him out of my space? I've tried pushing him away, by rubbing/pushing his breast bone, his shoulder. Getting the whip and tapping him with it, growling at him, ect. but he just DOES NOT listen, im getting to my whistend with him, becuase he is so unresponsive. He literally, droops his eye lid, lifts a hind leg, and does not move, he is quite a fidgetty horse, and throws legs around and turns to nip when you try and move him out of your space.

Which he does get into trouble for. But he just zones straight back out. Does he need complete retraining after being in a paddock for soo long?


ilyTango 03-31-2010 08:33 PM

Wow...stubborn horse you got there. Well, what I would do is a lot of exercises...give him a train of cues and commands so he has to always be listening to you for the next cue. When he nips and steps around, but doesn't listen to your command to get away, smack him on the shoulder a little harder, wave your hands higher, growl louder-anything to get him to actually pay attention to you and move away. Make him think-and know-that if he doesn't get out of your space as soon as you tell him, BAD things will happen-just like he would get a good kick or bite if he ignored the alpha mare's warning of getting out of her space. If he ignores commands to get over or something, tap him on the side and keep tapping, harder and harder as he continues to ignore you. Eventually he'll get so annoyed he'll move, and then you reward him with praise and the release of the pressure/tapping. That goes for pretty much anywhere on his body. If he's being totally annoying and uncooperative and isn't paying you the slightest bit of attention, be more assertive and loud. Start with that, because he's got to respect you and listen in order to do a whole whack of other things...if he really is too much, maybe look into a trainer?

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