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ThatNinjaHorse 04-02-2010 12:22 AM

Thinking about leasing out my horse
Im thinking about putting Shad up for lease, untill the end of this year perhaps, maybe a little longer...
Im planning on visiting Europe in september for a month with a couple of friends. We've wanted to do this for almost a year now.
However its not looking like im going to be able to afford it. Im saving like crazy and am going to ask for more hours at work but i really need to book soon, and theres no way im going to book without being certain i can actually go.
Riding for the next 5 months is going to cost quite a few hundred dollars, money that can be put into my Europe fund. Sure i could just not ride, but he'd be here standing in the paddock doing nothing, when he could be out on lease being worked/me earning a bit of money. (does that sound bad?)

So, what are the pros and cons of leasing? The part that scares me the most is someone stuffing him up. Years ago before he was offically my horse he went out on trial for a week to someone who was interested in buying him. He came back and you couldnt get a bridle on him. And this was someone who seemed like a decent rider.

I'd want him to stay in this area, not too far away so i could check on him. Because of this/our area being kinda small, im not sure how much interest there'd be for leasing...

Also, ive no idea how much people pay to lease a horse, what would be a reasonable price? Theres quite a few pics in by barn of him if that helps. At the moment he's schooling Novice dressage, I hinder his progress quite a bit due to my inexperience though, ive always been working mainly on myself and i dont ride often enough. We have mainly done hacking at shows etc. Been to quite a few Australian Stock horse shows, winning/placing to state level. We even got a 2nd in a working class once, not knowing how to do rolls backs correctly and not using a stock whip :lol:
He got high point led ASH in our branch a few year back also..
He does lovely flying changes (depsite never being taught...yeah im not sure how this came about :lol:) and has lovely jumping potential. If we was younger (he's 15) we would have made an awesome showjumper. Good form over fences, and free jumped 1.15m coming off a corner, in very unfit shape, huge belly and all :lol: thought that was pretty cool...

So, thoughts? Anything i should know? bad idea?

Carleen 04-02-2010 01:06 AM

Could be a good idea, just make sure you find someone responsible. You could even just half lease him out, that way you'd still have control over where he is and his training, and you'd still be saving about half his board fee per month, depending on how much you charge obviously. Make sure you get any leaser to sign a contract outlining things such as what is to be done if the horse was injured while under his/her care, where the horse is kept, how often the leaser is to ride, etc.
Good luck in your search for a leaser, it can be hard to find the perfect one for you and your horse but there are LOTS of people out there looking, so fingers crossed!

JJButton 04-02-2010 06:16 AM

I have just started a part loan/share agreement (as the sharer). The owner drew up a contract stating where the horse is to be kept, what he is to be used for and who would be liable for any vet bills should anything happen when I'd be riding/handling him, the price etc etc. I've shared before but never went through any of this. Personally I think a contract is a great idea, it's there to protect the horse, the owner and the sharer. We also have an agreement between us about when I care/ride for him and when the owner does.
He is kept on grass livery which costs 35 per week and gets shod every 6 weeks at a cost of 70. The owner also buys his food and deals with any other things that he may need. I pay 1 single payment of 80 a month for everything and ride him 2-3 times a week. He is only 20 minutes down the road and I think this is quite a reasonable deal.

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