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PaintsPwn 04-04-2010 01:00 PM

closing at work.. my adventure.
Somehow I got talked into closing for a coworker at McD's. The only reason I closed for her is because she is one of the few people I actually enjoy working with. That was last night, and the day before that I worked a hard, busy shift from 9-4. Basically, my body doesn't want to function today.

So I get there at four - which felt weird because I never work evenings. I went to back booth - cashing and taking orders because I PWN at it. I was working with the new manager - thank the lawd he's pretty awesome. From the start, things were effing up. The computers and POS system had to be rebooted (we weren't busy at least), and then the credit machines went down. Everyone had to pay cash, or they were S.O.L.

Basically all I had to do was a crap load of dishes, but because we weren't busy, it was super easy for me to stay on top of them.

Dining room closed at 10. Drive-Thru at 11. I got home at 1:45ish. I've closed at KFC when I worked there, which considering McD's is a bigger store, and we have fewer people closing, it's way easier than closing KFC ever was - but I'm never ever doing it again. 9 hours on concrete floors with a 30 minute break is just too bad from my archless feet and crooked legs. >.<

ExquisiteEquines 04-04-2010 01:35 PM

Ah, One of the many reasons I do not miss working at Mcdonalds...Not that being a daycare manager/preschool teacher is any easier lol!

PaintsPwn 04-04-2010 03:25 PM

Ahahaha you couldn't pay me to do your job! LOL

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