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gizpeptig 04-04-2010 10:05 PM

Showing Tips!
Hey everyone! I thought it would be cool to include a list of some "tricks of the trade" in showing horses! I know everyone has that one special product that they love on show days or that one quick fix that's a life saver. Well most of us don't show against each other, so there's no competition, soooo SPILL YOUR SECRETS! Whether it's what you use to make your horse shine, how you braid your horses mane, or maybe even how you impress the judge ANYTHING'S GAME! I could even include a running list on my post. Well, post away! :D

*How can I make this thread "Sticky"?

gizpeptig 04-05-2010 09:59 AM

Come on... anyone?

GottaRide 04-05-2010 10:06 AM

My best tip is to make sure you and your horse are prepared. Not just grooming wise, but performance wise. Know what the judges are looking for. Know the rule book. Know if you & your horse can perform up to those standards. If not, then get some help.

southerncowgirl93 04-08-2010 10:02 AM

Don't be nervous, even though I always am. lol

I use Show Sheen in my halter classes to make them shiny. But rub it off where the saddle sits, or it could rub the hair off when you ride.

Pay meticulous attention to detail. Make sure to wash under the mane, trim the long hair on the legs, etc, etc.

jxclass19 04-08-2010 01:05 PM

If you have a horse with socks or stockins etc. I always clip them so they hair is shorter. It makes them easier to wash and stay clean.

Also two things I don't go to a show without are Basic H in a spray bottle. It is a life saver if your horse poops on its self.

And my touch up paint.

I have normally shown horses that have a lot of white on them so any bit of dirt shows!

Scoutrider 04-09-2010 04:19 PM

Like GottaRide said, preparation is key to success. :wink:

As far as turnout suggestions, I use cornstarch to clean white legs. I just add water until I make a paste (really weird stuff, fun to play in :lol:), and glob that onto the leg, and let it basically dry, and then brush it away. Legs come out nice and white. I'll usually do that the day before, and put stable wraps on overnight to help keep things clean, and touch up with Cowboy Magic's Green Spot Remover if I need to.

A little baby oil around the eyes (careful in the application, here) and muzzle can look nice on some horses, especially bays and blacks with a lot of contrast from skin to hair. My chestnut guy... well, he only looked sticky with it, so I started leaving it off unless we were at a bigger(-by my area's standards... still pretty puny :lol:) show. If it's really dusty, the oil can attract that, so use some discretion according to the day's conditions.

I like to us a dab of (human) hair gel when I braid or band. Basically enough to make my hands tacky and hold the braid sections together a bit. A spritz of hairspray when the job is done can help, too.

If you have the facilities for it, bathe the horse a day or two in advance and blanket/stable until the show. Cuts down on work show morning (unless you add in time to work excess energy off, depending on the horse), and lets the oils of the coat build back up some for a more natural shine.

gypsygirl 04-09-2010 04:26 PM

always school a level above what you show, even if you think the level you will is too easy/boring at home =]

horsea 04-09-2010 06:32 PM

Smile :)

I ride mostly in pleasure and hunter classes and the thing I notice a lot of people lack is a smile. Riding and showing is supposed to be fun and the judges notice when you have a frown and don't look happy. It is a detail that you shouldn't show without. I mean, you wouldn't go to a show without brushing your horse, would you? :) Smile :) and good luck for the 2010 show season!

Siestasgirl16 05-01-2010 12:13 PM

horsea said it!!! You have to have FUN!!! Is that not why you show your horse? If it is not fun then what is the point in showing. Enjoy it and have fun!

chika1235 05-01-2010 07:47 PM

i like my horses to have a great mane and tail so i do this

1. put in m-t-g once a week
2. i use show sheen in there hair and when i braid
3.i wash their hair the day before the show then braid their tail
4.brush their manes throughly and never let them tangle

and i like to have white socks so i use green out i think its called. i just spray it on the white legs and rub in vigorously. wipe off excess with towel then wrap with vetwrap.the next day its really white.ive also heard of using whitening tooth paste on the legs.

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