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funnygal 01-08-2008 07:05 PM

Giving worming paste - any tips?
Hi! I have a new horse (first horse) who is being quite a hard keeper. My vet recommended doing a Panacur powerpak (as well as increasing feed, corn oil, etc). Yesterday I gave him the first dose (of 5 days worth). My instructor helped me and it was after we rode, so he was tired :) He let us put it in his mouth with no issue.

Today I put him in the crossties and attempted to insert the tube end in his mouth (in the correct spot) and he fought me big time, turning his head, putting his head way up high. It took me a while and eventually I had to bribe him with a treat and he was more "flexible". Any tips on the easiest way to give worming paste?? We have 3 more days and I'm dreading "the fight" tomorrow!! Thanks :roll:

BluMagic 01-08-2008 07:08 PM

You can always mix it with grain!

Blu gives me a hrad time as well. As soon as he sees the tube he won't eat anything we give him. :roll:

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

Vidaloco 01-08-2008 07:55 PM

Since this is something that can't wait I would suggest putting something sweet on the tube, honey, molassas let him lick it and then try getting it in his mouth. If that won't work try putting a little on his feed. Don't waste the whole tube as he may not eat it. If all else fails you may have to get some help and just hold his head while someone else quickly doses him.
In the future you may want to get a worming bit. its just a bit like thing that attaches to a headstall that you can just dose him through the bit. Its much easier and there is little or no fighting involved. Good luck, I know this is a frustrating thing to do.

Vidaloco 01-08-2008 07:59 PM

Jr_lover 01-08-2008 09:01 PM

i thought you weren't supposed to feed with the paste?! kinda confuzzled here. Can someone explain? Because i was told your not supposed to feed with it.

Vidaloco 01-08-2008 09:05 PM

I've never heard not to feed with paste. I figure any way to get it in them. That's a good question for the vet.

Jr_lover 01-08-2008 09:20 PM

lol well thats how we do it...something about it wont work as good. How about you tell me what your vet says k :wink:

Vidaloco 01-08-2008 09:26 PM

I broke down and bought a worming bit LOL and the Ivermctin I have started using the iverease which is a pellet. I will ask him though :) Vida was impossible to worm without the bit or hiding it in a cookie.

kitten_Val 01-09-2008 06:49 AM

I know some dewormers said you can't feed for while before or after it's given. However I never bought such dewormers before. Check on tube: it always says whether you cannot give it with food.

Most horses I've seen refused to eat grain with dewormer. I put rope halter on my horse, stay on her right side, and play with putting fingers in her mouth in and out for little bit. In same time I'm hiding dewormer behind my back so she can't see it. After playing I put tube instead of fingers and dump it quickly. They don't like it, but...

DGW1949 01-09-2008 01:20 PM

I mix it with 2/3 Cup of feed and about 4 TBS of pancake syrup.
Ya can't just stir it, it has to be "cut in" also, sorta like you're mixing-up a cake.
After it's mixed well, just rake it into their feed bowl. I'll guarantee you that they'll eat it all.

I been doing it that way for years, without any ill effects what so ever.
Sure beats fighting them.


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