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RedTree 04-06-2010 06:46 AM

I hate getting my hopes up for nothing
I hate it when you plan to do something and it just doesnt work

Like ages ago now i was going to go to the beach with my friend and our horses -never happened

Just yesterday was going to go out on a trial with a girl who lives near by -never happened

And today was going to ride with another friend -never happened

the same story goes they get busy or 'something' comes up and I get left with my hopes being let down again and again

Its just annoying the friend in the last situation always does it as I always used to ride with her now I'm over it and ride by myself but today I thought it would be nice o ride with her for a change again she agreed and when I was like should we go now she was at the shops :twisted:

The friend I was going to go with the beach just sortof forgets to call/msg me back grrr its just annoying

The friend I have been trial riding with once before is like the only person in my area I can go trial riding with as the two other people dont like trials or live like 20mins away, I had tried to organise to go on friday she never replied then on monday she asked me then when I asked when was like sorry something come up grrrr

sorry for the rant just sooo annoying

AlmostThere 04-07-2010 12:48 PM

It sounds like you need to fine some more reliable riding partners.

Sorry you've been let down so much, but it sounds like with at least two (possibly all three, but that wasn't clear) of the people mentioned above you are setting yourself up for disappointment. They have shown themselves to be flakes over and over again. It stinks, but maybe for your own sake you can write them off, at least for a while.

EventersBabe 04-07-2010 05:51 PM

Oh im sorry! That really sucks.

Beau Baby 04-07-2010 05:53 PM

oh I totally know about disappointment. In January my mom said we could get 2 young babies{weanlings or yearlings}. I searched a little, found 2 amazing ones and was excited. My second cousin said he'd give me $500 for them and I was like yay!. Was about to email hem when mom said oops, sorry I don't want more horses.

Than about a month ago I bring it up again, she says sure. We even go look at 1 and I get excited. I look around more, found another one and just needed to mail in an adoption application when she comes over and says sorry, I don't want more horses anymore. Like wtf! It pisses me off because I had wanted to train them when they hit 3-4. So I know what you mean by disapointment.

RedTree 04-07-2010 10:04 PM

I am getting my horse used to going out by himself so then I can go out by myself

and I had a breakthrough theres a lady next door to where my horse lives she probabaly about mid 20's and she goes out on rides so I may ask her if she wants someone to go out with
I am excited I can't believe it has never occured to me before now just to ask

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