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icecreamman 04-06-2010 03:51 PM

What type of breed is this?
Does anyone know what Andalusian, arabian, and Quarterhorse Mix is?

Is it an Aztec??

bumble 04-07-2010 12:10 AM

From what I understand, the Azteca is just an Andalusian and Quarter Horse mix, I don't think they have any Arabian in them, but I could be wrong.

noddy 04-07-2010 07:02 AM

This is what Wikipedia says about Azteca registration. No arab blood is present, but I think Criollos can have a fair bit of Arab blood at times.

Strict breeding codes ensure the success of the breed. The crossbreeding has been scientifically researched to combine only the best of each breed. The horses are inspected twice in their lives: at seven months to obtain a birth certificate, and again at three years of age, to get their registration certificate as breeding stock. The registry attaches the letters A, B, C, D, E, and F to their horses as identification as to their proportions of each breed. The letters are only used for breeding purposes to help the breeders choose horses to produce offspring that are no more than 3/4 Andalusian or Quarter Horse. The "A" level is the most desirable.
Azteca A Registration:
  • Azteca A crossed with another Azteca A
  • Azteca C crossed with an Andalusian (foal with 5/8 Spanish, 3/8 Quarter Horse)
  • Quarter Horse and Azteca C cross (foal 3/8 Spanish, 1/2 Quarter Horse, 1/8 Criollo)
  • Quarter Horse and Azteca B cross (foal 3/8 Spanish, 5/8 Quarter Horse)
  • Azteca B and Azteca F cross (foal 5/8 Spanish, 1/8 Quarter Horse, 1/4 Criollo)
  • Azteca C and Azteca F cross (foal 3/8 Spanish, 3/8 Quarter Horse, 1/4 Criollo)
  • Azteca D and Azteca F cross (foal 1/2 Spanish, 1/4 Quarter Horse, 1/4 Criollo)
  • Azteca B and Azteca C cross (foal 1/2 Spanish, 1/2 Quarter Horse)
  • Azteca B and Azteca D cross (foal 5/8 Spanish, 3/8 Quarter Horse)
  • Azteca C and Azteca D cross (foal 3/8 Spanish, 5/8 Quarter Horse)
  • Azteca C and Azteca E cross (foal 5/8 Spanish, 3/8 Quarter Horse)
  • Azteca D and Azteca E cross (foal 1/2 Spanish, 3/8 Quarter Horse, 1/8 Criollo)
Azteca B Registration:
  • Andalusian and Azteca D cross (foal 3/4 Andalusian, 1/4 Quarter Horse)
Azteca C Registration:
  • Quarter Horse and Azteca D cross (foal 1/4 Andalusian, 3/4 Quarter Horse)
Azteca D Registration:
  • Andalusian stallion and Quarter Horse mare cross (foal 1/2 Andalusian, 1/2 Quarter Horse)
Azteca E Registration:
  • Andalusian stallion and Azteca F mare cross (foal 3/4 Spanish, 1/4 Criollo)
Azteca F Registration:
  • Andalusian and Criollo cross (foal 1/4 Spanish, 1/4 Criollo)

Quixotic 04-12-2010 02:31 PM

An Andalusian/Arab mix is called a Hispano Arab. I'm not sure what you'd call an Andalusian/Arab/QH, though. Personally, I'd probably just say it's an Andalusian Cross.

icecreamman 04-21-2010 06:49 PM

does any one know how to make a horse dance without beating or hurting them??? if someone does ill pass on my secret to teaching them how to do the "paso epanol" but only honest responses please.

EllaEnchanted 04-22-2010 01:10 PM

Not sure if this will work for you, and you dont have to share any secrets ha ha. My friend got a radio with some really, really upbeat music on it and let her horse run around to the music in the arena and he would step with the beat and ended up like jogging on the spot almost like a piaffe. After that she tried some in hand stuff like stood next to him and held his halter shed rock him back and forth . Sideways not shoulder to croup. and he would step up when she did so he was stepping side to side with the music. Now when she rides him to music she can get him to shorten or legthen stride according to music. Its pretty neat.

icecreamman 05-18-2010 04:45 PM

:cry:i have a doubt in my head can someone help! i have a horse that is quarab mixed with andalusian. is this the so called "Hispano-arabe" if it is let me know because i heard that usually people cross thoroughbred instead of Quater horse. but then there are those who instead choose QH. so if mine is mixed with QH what type of Hispano-arabe is he on the chart???? thnx for all help!

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