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toosexy4myspotz 04-06-2010 09:30 PM

Playing with bit and pinning ears
This is my first youngster that I have ever had this problem with. She continuously nonstop plays with the bit. Her tongue is always over it. After you ride for a couple hours she settles down and leaves it alone. I ride her in a full cheek copper mouth snaffle. Also, She has a horrible habit of when I am mounting of pinning her ears and wrinkling her nose up like she is going to bite, but never follows threw with it. She doesnt walk off when I mount or turn. She stands there but she makes these horrible faces. I have gone back to the ground and started jumping up and down beside her and just laying over the saddle but the pinning ears and faces still go on. Any time I am around she wants attention and enjoys being worked with. However, she hates being rode in a round pen. If we are going to the left she has her head out to the right and vice versa. The whole time she has her tongue over the bit. I have heard of people using Myler bits to help solve this problem but I dont know of anybody that actually uses one. Shes has been awesome to train but these are two problems that still persist and I am looking for any ideas of how to break her of these habits. I trail ride her about twice a month. We trailer out and go riding. When I mount her in strange places she still makes faces but not as bad and doesnt play with the bit as much. Im assuming this is because of all the new surroundings she is busy paying attention to everything else.

Kayty 04-06-2010 09:38 PM

Do you ride western or english??

After making sure the bit isn't too big or pinching her...
I'd put a drop nose band on her so that she can't open her jaw far enough to get her tongue over the bit. I would also put the bit up a hole for a while so it sits slightly higher in her mouth so make it harder for her to put her tongue over it. You will need to be aware that she will be more sensitive in the mouth if you do this so definitely do not hang onto her mouth of gob her.
It may just be a matter of discouraging the behaviour by making it harder for her. You say she stops doing it once she's working after a while, so by making it more difficult for her to do it initially she may just grow out of it once the work improves. If that makes any sense at all!!

As for pulling faces when you get on. Make sure you get on with a mounting block so you don't pull the saddle over. This can make them pretty stroppy! Also make sure your saddle fits perfectly, so she's not associating you getting on with pain.
If you check that everything fits fine and your'e not dragging her saddle over when you mount or thumping onto her back, I wouldn't worry too much. Pulling faces doesn't bother me, only when they go to make direct contact or try to move me out of their space will I react.
My coach's horse stands there while you're doing the girth up and pulls the most horrible faces, and will continuously bite his leg. Will never bite you though, only his leg. No point punishing that behaviour, he's not dominating me in anyway so it doesn't worry me ;)

toosexy4myspotz 04-07-2010 08:11 AM

These are just things I never had come up with one Im trying. Buy Chey really has a personality of her own. I figured if the faces really ment something she would have done followed threw with it.

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