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shesinthebarn 04-06-2010 09:48 PM

Do I HAVE to cut his mane?
I have a palomino gelding I'm prepping for some showmanship classes this summer as I can't prep for under-saddle classes (I'm pregnant). He's reining bred and has the most beautiful long mane....and I can't bring myself to cut it off. Can I do showmanship with a diamond braid or runnig braid? I'm not doing breed shows, just local shows. I just don't want us to look silly - me being huge and preggo and him looking funky with his long mane! I'll cut it if I have to but it will be a sad day...

Honeysuga 04-06-2010 09:59 PM

I would say out of the two the running braid might be more acceptable, honestly I have no idea, but I don't see why a running braid would be unacceptable...

My Beau 04-06-2010 10:03 PM

If they're just local shows, I say go with the running braid. It probably won't matter all that much.

Pro 04-06-2010 10:08 PM

I think I saw it posted by someone else that a diamond braid was allowed.

Thats what I'm doing cause I just cant cut my fillies mane!

PBritton2U 04-06-2010 10:14 PM

LOL...just leave it long. I know a lot of AQHA people showing with long manes this year....right on up to World level. I predict this to be a new trend. You'll be ahead of the game at the local level. :)

Let us know how you do!!

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Scoutrider 04-06-2010 10:23 PM

When I did more western showmanship I had a gaited/morgan cross with a gorgeous long mane. I tried a lot of different things over the years that I showed him, but I usually either left it loose (shampooed, tangle-free, and trained to the correct side, but loose), or banded it long (got some odd looks, but it worked). A running braid should work, but is more conventional in English G&S divisions on Morgans, H/J Gaiteds, or Baroque breeds.

One thing that I never got to try was starting the diamond continental pattern, getting one row of diamonds down the crest, and letting the rest of the mane flow. I'm waiting on Scout's puffy pony mane to get long enough to try that one. :D

shesinthebarn 04-07-2010 07:40 AM

I thought about doing just a few rows of the diamond braid and letting the rest flow. It's down to the point of the shoulder so I think it will look nice.

^^Pam, I noticed a few of the yearling LL horses at congress with long manes. I think it looked cool. Just wasn't to sure if it was cool in showmanship!

RedTree 04-07-2010 07:52 AM

I heard that your not ment to cut palominos mane
not a clue why or who I heard it from lol

jxclass19 04-07-2010 12:46 PM

If you are going to do one go with the diamond braid. A running braid isn't ment for Quarter Horse Halter classes.

Although it is more common to have a short banded mane, the long main with a diamond/fish net braid is starting to come into style. Horse showing is all about trends. And if a horse with a long mane were to win worlds then people would start growing them out.

PBritton2U 04-07-2010 02:42 PM


Originally Posted by jxclass19 (Post 598281)
Horse showing is all about trends. And if a horse with a long mane were to win worlds then people would start growing them out.

Already happened. :)
Actually, there's a number of top western pleasure horses showing with long manes these days. It really is a new trend.

@ the OP: I would just leave the mane long or do the diamond braid thing. Either/or...I think you'll be fine. :-)


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