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wild_spot 04-06-2010 11:01 PM

Colour Question!
What would be the possible colours of a foal out of a Cremello mare by am Amber Champagne stallion?

I'll give it a go but feel free to correct me.

So mare is a red base with two copies of cream.

Stallion is a black base with one or two (?) copies of Agouti, plus one copy on Champagne.

So you could get...



Smoky Black

Palomino + Champagne (Gold Cream Champagne)

Buckskin + Champagne (Amber Cream Champagne)

Smoky Black + Champagne (Classic Cream Champagne)

Is it possible for a foal to receive 2 copies of the cream gene from one double dilute parent? Or would it have to be a single dilute to single dilute or double dilute to single dilute?

Quixotic 04-07-2010 01:04 AM

I'm working this out as I type this, so this may be a lot of info you already know...

Amber Champagnes are E? A? CC Chch
Cremellos are ee ?? CcrCcr
Just for fun, let's assume the mare carries 1 copy of Agouti & the stallion carries 1 copy of both Extension & Agouti, the foal could be:

Ee Aa CcrC Chch - Amber Cream Champagne
Ee Aa CcrC chch - Buckskin
Ee aa CcrC Chch - Classic Cream Champagne
Ee aa CcrC chch - Smokey Black
Ee AA CcrC Chch - Amber Cream Champagne
Ee AA CcrC chch - Buckskin
ee Aa CcrC Chch - Gold Cream Champagne
ee Aa CcrC chch - Palomino
ee aa CcrC Chch - Gold Cream Champagne
ee aa CcrC chch - Palomino
ee AA CcrC Chch - Gold Cream Champagne
ee AA CcrC chch - Palomino

If I've done this correctly, it would make the chances of each colour 25% Palomino, 25% Gold Cream Champagne, 16.67% Buckskin, 16.67% Amber Cream Champagne, 8.33% Smokey Black, & 8.33% Classic Cream Champagne

So it looks like you're spot on.
Obviously it would narrow down the possibilities if the stallion carried one or two copies of extension & agouti & if the mare carried agouti at all.

No, the foal cannot inherit 2 copies of a gene from one parent, so it will only get one copy of the cream gene from this crossing. You'd have to cross the mare to a stallion who also carried the cream gene in order to get a double dilute.

wild_spot 04-07-2010 01:17 AM


I tried to find out more about both horses, but nothing was listed. I don't think the mare has been colour tested at all and the stallion's page only mentions that he is an Amber Champagne. Makes it trickier!

Thanks for clearing that up. Something I had always wondered and it didn't seem to say it anywhere!

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